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The heads of the Argonath RPG Community.

Aragorn / [R*]RONGandalf / [R*]RonnelSauron

Community Leaders

Second only to the Owners in rank and merit, they lead the Community as well.

Boromir / [R*]ElrondLegolas / [R*]AgentElrond / [R*]KojakGimli / [R*]xcasio

Division Leaders

Senior Administration members who are assigned to a specific part of Argonath.

Witchking / [R*]TandtrolletCaion • Paul

Server Administrators

The following are SA-MP, MTA:VC, VC:MP, MTA:SA, IV:MP, LFS, Minecraft, Flight Simulator and TeamSpeak admins.
Please note that the following lists may be changed at any time.

LU AdminsMTA:VC AdminsVC:MP AdminsMTA:SA Admins
SA-MP AdminsIV:MP AdminsLFS AdminsSA:MP Stunt Admins
Minecraft AdminsTeamSpeak AdminsFlight Simulator Admins

Argonath Web Team

Paul (ARPD) • CM Daniel • Tai • Traser

Argonath Administration
FoundersDevelopersAdmin RanksGeneral Administrators

SA-MP AdministratorsIV:MP AdministratorsVC:MP AdministratorsV:MP Administrators

Argonath Wiki Staff