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Argonath RPG was created on July 11, 2006 based on our experiences with MTA:VC. After writing our own script based on a mix of public domain and our own ideas, we opened doors on July 28, 2006. The name has been chosen by seeking a combination of the founders RON and Agent. After choosing the name, the founders and developers chose to use nicknames from Lord of the Rings. Argonath was founded because the founders could no longer find themselves agreeing with the happenings on another community, so they decided to create their own community which thrived to success because of the open natured, strong admin team.

The first server opened was for MTA:VC; scripts were made by Gandalf based on public source scripts released by Jax and Oli. Apart from the RPG server, a stunt server was opened as well, with minimal scripts. Despite multiple attacks and attempts to bring down the server community, (often thought to be originating from the previous community), Argonath RPG grew rapidly and soon became the most popular RPG server on MTA:VC.

Initially we had to survive several attacks on our server from other communities, however what they did not count on was that the owners were not kids but IT professionals, meaning we increased our security and stability with every attack.

Expansion to SA-MP

In February 2007 we opened our SA-MP server, with a re-written PEN1 script. It was instantly a bigger success as we imagined, and we had to expand our staff. With the release of SA-MP 0.2 we started using our fully self-written script named RS2. Unfortunately, it was ahead of its time, causing the server to be unplayable. Within a month we rewrote the entire script to lower specifications, bringing back the code from 19.000 lines to 12.000 lines, while keeping most of the functionality that was possible.

From this moment on, we invited others to help in scripting, building a team of trusted developers. This created the release of the RS4.0 script and the current RS4.1, where we used a modular design not exactly native to SA-MP to ease the working.

As time has changed the ideas of players, and others have successfully copied and expanded our ideas of 2007, we decided it is time to create a fully new game mode for SA-MP, codename RS5. It will be released this year and contains once again revolutionary concepts that we are sure will be copied to most other RP servers.

Our original ideas in SA-MP scripting that are now common include:

  • Freely set houses both in numbers and locations.
  • Free car ownership without restrictions in available models or numbers.
  • A multi-level police system. Multi-level clan/group system.
  • A multi-level admin system, which is changeable without scripting. Multi-level command system changeable without scripting.
  • Several variables inside the script can be set without scripting (cost of fuel, rewards etc).
  • Specific dedicated colours for types of chat.
  • Visual indication of being wanted.
  • Method to stop cars when exiting while driving (now native SA-MP function).
  • Entering custom interiors without falling through (copied from working of SP).
  • NPCs reacting on proximity of players.

Opening New Servers

Shortly after the launch of the SA-MP server, a number of players developed the VC:MP server.

In 2008, a "new" MTA:SA client was launched. Argonath opened a server running on this client as well. We have opened our server for MTA:SA, but the scripters there have been lacking speed to keep it up to our normal standards. Currently we have a team that is promising, but the MTA:SA mode is, though having very interesting possibilities, less populated as SA-MP.

In July 2009 Argonath opened the first server with its name outside of the GTA games series, the LFS server.

On August 14, 2009, the Argonath Wiki was opened to collect all game information on one place. The Argonath Wiki is a wiki based entirely on Argonath RPG and its many features. The Argonath Wiki's goal is to become an up-to-date, knowledgeable source for all things in Argonath.

In June 2010, two new servers were opened on Argonath RPG: the IV:MP server for the GTA IV and the SA-MP Stunt server as a stunting-oriented experience on SA-MP. With the release of IV:MP we ventured in to a new mode. Initially we were careful as there is a native MP, but the IV:MP developers got an official go-ahead from Rockstar Games. This meant that we gave green light for the development. Problems with the script and changes in scripting team have so far influenced the player count, but we still fully support this for the foreseeable future.

To complete the GTA series, we are opening a LU server, adding GTA III to the range.

We have several small side-projects, Live For Speed, Flight Simulator and the most successful of them in Minecraft.

We keep looking for new interesting multi-player mods to keep our community alive and enlarge it.

Administration Reform of 2009

Towards the end of 2009, the owners found that admin activity in game was reduced, and often reports were filed on a number of admins. They found that over 100 accounts had admin rights, of whom more than 80 were officially listed, mostly inactive. As a result, the owners made a reform, in several stages.

1. All inactive admins were removed, and a minimal activity of 7 hours per week per admin/moderator became a requirement.

2. The number of ranks was reduced from 7 to 4, in order to stop the need of rising levels within the team. While promotions from moderator to admin were still scheduled, the moderator rank became less temporary in structure.

3. The admins were reviewed, and to remain in the team admin needed a uniform positive vote from managers and owners.

The reform led to a number of former admins feeling they were released without proper reason, some of whom turned against the community. However, it also led to a renewed activity and cohesion of the admin team, as was the target of the operation.