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Arlogo150.png This page is an official Argonath Wiki policy.
This is a widely accepted standard that editors should follow.
Changes to it must be approved by administrators.
This page in a nutshell:
Don't break community rules. Make good edits. Be nice.

The Argonath RPG wiki is designed to be a central hub for information about Argonath, its history, its servers, etc. In order to maintain a high-quality, functioning wiki, we ask that you follow these guidelines.

The Argonath Wiki is an Argonath project

The Argonath wiki, like any Argonath server, the forum, and its official groups, are still under Argonath's jurisdiction. That means that the Argonath wiki is also under the Vision. Remember to respect other editors and users, and that everyone is given equal treatment, regardless of rank or experience. This also means that any severe punishments, such as a community ban, will also lead to punishment here.

Work toward a common goal

The editor rank is not just a privilege to edit pages. It is a symbol of trust that you will not only keep the wiki updated, but also work effectively with your fellow editors. If an edit is not absolutely counterproductive, but lacks in content, don't revert it. Instead, edit it further to add more content to it.

Likewise, don't be afraid to add content to an unfamiliar topic. If you make a mistake, it's always possible to edit it further to elaborate, or undo a change if it damages the structure of the page or is counterproductive.

What is forbidden

  • Editing rules of any server without owners' approval. Owners can change the rules themselves, if they find it necessary.
  • Vandalism, spam, advertisements of other servers or non-Argonath sites.
  • Biased editing; inserting false, offensive, or irrelevant information.
  • Uploading pornography or other inappropriate content.
  • Edit warring. (An edit war occurs when editors who disagree about the content of a page repeatedly override each other's contributions)

When to undo edits

  • If the edit violates one of the points above.
  • If the edit damages the layout or structure of a page.
  • Under the discretion of the administrators.

Discuss conflicts

Edit warring, counter-vandalism, and other conflicts in editing are disruptive and don't benefit anyone. If a conflict arises, or you and another user have different viewpoints on an issue, remember two things:

  1. Edit neutrally.
  2. Discuss the issue.

Discuss any problems on the talk page of the article in question. You can find it by clicking on the Discussion tab on top of the page. If the talk page does not exist, feel free to make one. Anything that benefits the wiki is welcome, so don't be afraid to voice any concerns. However, keep in mind that voicing your concerns and flaming another user are two very different principles.

Edit responsibly

Editors are entrusted with the ability to move, protect, unprotect, and edit pages. Use these rights responsibly. Don't use them to suppress other users' edits without reason, to right knowingly false information, or to disrupt the wiki, the editing process, or any user's experience.

Edit neutrally

The wiki should be as neutral as possible. This means that no server, user, or group should be given any unfair prominence. This also means maintaining a neutral point of view yourself.

As a general rule of thumb, lists of users and servers should be listed in alphabetical order to maintain as much a neutral viewpoint as possible, unless the list has to be in a certain order or hierarchy, such as Owner → Community Leader → Division Leader → Manager.

Be bold! Follow common sense

If you can follow common sense as well as the above policies, then don't be afraid to edit! Chances are that if you're an editor, you have a good understanding of community rules and should be able to edit responsibly. If your edits are counterproductive, we'll talk it out. Mistakes can easily be reverted; the entire page's history can be viewed. However, please don't be reckless; if you're not sure of something, ask for advice.

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