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TO-DO list represents a list of needed articles or articles that need completion or editing. It is made to raise awareness about unfinished or necessary articles that editors can take upon themselves to do. If there aren't any items on the to-do list, check out the wanted pages list for pages that are missing.

To reserve an article put your signature next to it and upon completing the edits, rather than removing the item, just surround its title with <s> tags. If you feel that there is an article that needs finishing, simply add it to the list. If an article is reserved, the author who reserved it is given a maximum of 7 days to complete edits he wants; after this period, the reservation is removed so that others who might want to participate in editing the mentioned page can do so.


  • Argonath Community

  • VC:MP
    • Revise all pages.

  • SA-MP
    • add Argonath Road Administration to authorities list - Sven (talk) 08:48, 6 August 2014 (UTC)
    • Burning issue: update all pages to RS5

  • SA-MP Stunt
    • Missing plenty of commands since the Super Epic Stunt 3.0 release.

  • Locations

  • Argonath RPG wiki
    • Remove pages for servers that no longer exist.PattonTalk
      • Add a page listing previously hosted servers.
    • Upload pictures that went missing when hosting was swapped.PattonTalk
    • Get people to update other sections accordingly, everything besides MTA:SA is terribly outdated.PattonTalk
    • Experiment with theme and layout, perhaps get something that's more modern (grey and white is dull), typographically better (larger fonts with more spacing, a font better than Arial/Helvetica/Liberation), and even optimized for mobile phones through RWD.
    • Remove the colorful boxes and convert pages to using plain wiki syntax.PattonTalk