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The rules of Argonath RPG are simple. All players are expected to role-play. Deathmatching (attacking players without a role-play reason) is strictly forbidden and players doing it will be severely punished by the administration. Players are free to use their imagination. The idea of the role-play servers is that we all live in a corrupt country, with a lot of criminals. However, that does not mean that civilians are allowed to use their weapons at any time. If you are shot at, do what would happen in real life: panic and run. Only the cops are allowed to shoot back, but even for the cops there are limits.

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Basic Rules

  • Deathmatching (attacking without a reason) is not allowed.
  • Cheats, mods and hacks are not allowed.
  • Sharing cheats or such is not allowed.
  • An account should only be owned by one individual. Exceptions may be for group owned accounts (such as those used by organisations), which could require verification by Argonath Administration.
  • Vehicular killing and intentional ramming are not allowed.
  • Using glitches that give you an advantage over other players is strictly forbidden.
  • Pausing the game during combat is forbidden.
  • No flaming (insulting/swearing) towards other players (personal attack).
  • Pornographic content (including distribution and discussion) is not allowed.
  • Discussion regarding "sensitive" topics such as personal matters, religion, politics are not encourage in most cases.
  • Advertisements of groups that do not belong to Argonath RPG community and/or do not have agreement are forbidden.
  • Locked vehicles, including those restricted to specific roles/skins may only be used by the respective individuals.
  • Abusing any script will result in punishment.
  • Attempts to avoid or ignore administration punishment aren't allowed in any way.