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The rules or Argonath RPG are simple. All players are expected to role-play. Deathmatching (attacking players without a role-play reason) is strictly forbidden and players doing it will be severely punished by the administration. Players are free to use their imagination. The idea of the role-play servers is that we all live in a corrupt country, with a lot of criminals. However, that does not mean that civilians are allowed to use their weapons at any time. If you are shot at, do what would happen in real life: panic and run. Only the cops are allowed to shoot back, but even for the cops there are limits.

Basic Rules

  • Deathmatching (attacking without a reason) is not allowed.
  • Cheats, mods and hacks are not allowed.
  • Sharing cheats or such is not allowed.
  • Vehicular killing and intentional ramming are not allowed.
  • Using glitches that give you an advantage over other players is strictly forbidden.
  • Pausing the game during a combat is forbidden.
  • No flaming (insulting/swearing) towards other players (personal attack).
  • Advertisements of groups that do not belong to Argonath RPG community and/or do not have agreement are forbidden.
  • Police vehicles are only for players with police skins.
  • Abusing any script will result in punishment.
  • Attempts to avoid or ignore administration punishment aren't allowed in any way.

MTA:SA Rules

  • No cheats, mods or hacks.
  • No helikilling, carjacking, carkilling or ramming.
  • Do not use glitches, they give advantage over other players and are seen as cheating.
  • Do not pause when wanted/fighting, it is seen as cheating.
  • Do not revenge kill.
  • Do not flame/insult other players. We are a friendly server, respect others.
  • No attacking without a proper role-play reason.
  • Imposters will be punished. (Taking names of other people. Or clan tags of other clans)
  • Slang/Other languages are only allowed for RP reasons. Do not speak in another language in main chat.
  • No running/escaping after surrendering. (RP Reasons)
  • In a chase, a suspect can only change 5 cars. After that, the suspect can run by foot or surrender.
  • Police vehicles may only be used by the police. (RP Reasons)
  • Money cheating will be banned immediately. Also if you make multiple accounts, it is seen as money cheating.
  • Nicknames with unreadable letters are not allowed. Avoid using numbers.
  • Flooding is NOT allowed.
  • No spam. If you advertise other servers, it will result in a mute/kick.
  • No coloured nicknames.

MTA:VC Rules

  • Pretending to be admins is NOT allowed
  • More than one player CANNOT use a clan tag before registering it on the forum
  • Ramming wanted players as a cop is allowed. (Only cars to cars)
  • Arguing with admins is NOT allowed
  • Wanted Players CANNOT pause(Except for surrendering), kill themselves, and get out of the game
  • Controversial issues are NOT allowed on the server (Racism/Religion/Wars...)
  • Any disrespectful words are NOT allowed ("Owned" or "Easy")
  • Messing events (Including filming) up is NOT allowed
  • Ticketing should be done only in a VERY CLOSE distance
  • Suspecting should be done only if the crimes are confirmed in a CLOSE distance
  • Rulebreaking for RPG is NOT allowed
  • Caps are NOT allowed even in the local chat (One word cap is allowed)
  • Relay game is NOT allowed (Passing the same word to the other players)
  • Ruining RPG is NOT allowed
  • Pausing in a vehicle is NOT allowed
  • Overusing words/letters and spamming are NOT allowed
  • Cops should ask for surrender first before shooting criminals
  • If you surrender to cops, you CANNOT run away from them
  • Cops should NOT kill arrested criminals
  • Self-defence is allowed, but it'd be better if you reported it to admins after running away from the deathmatchers.
  • Criminals CANNOT chase cops to kill. They can kill cops only if they follow you.

SA-MP Rules

  • Do not cheat, do not hack
  • Do not use mods which you advantage (handling mods etc.);
  • Do not heli kill, do not car kill, do not ram others, do not carjack others;
  • Do not abuse glitches, that give you advantage over other players (i.e. attacking from glitched areas);
  • Do not pause during combat or while being wanted;
  • Do not revenge kill;
  • Do not flood the chat window;
  • Do not spam (i.e advertising of servers and sites, that do not belong to Argonath RPG server is NOT allowed);
  • Do not insult other players. If you came to play on our server - respect it and our players;
  • Do not attack others without a proper role-play reason;
  • Do not escape if surrendered to the police (follow cops to the police department);
  • Police vehicles are only for the police;
  • Do not cheat money (punishment: permban);
  • Do not imposter other players (no copying other players' nicks or regular clans' tags);
  • Slang is only allowed as a part of role-play (swearing as personal attack on players will be punished);
  • Unreadable nicknames are not allowed (Please refrain from using <>?/|\{}[]()-=+/*- due to the server's RPG script commands)

Police rules:

  • Always give suspects a chance to surrender before attacking them.
  • Do not injure suspects who surrender.
  • Nobody can be forced to stay inside the jail after the scripted time expires.
  • In bank robberies/kidnappings/similar situations, suspect all the criminals related and give them a chance to give up before opening fire.

VC:MP Rules

  • Pretending to be an admin will not be tolerated.
  • Ramming wanted players while a cop is allowed only on vehicle-to-vehicle way.
  • Provoking arguments with the administration is not allowed.
  • Wanted players can not leave the game, kill themselves or pause.
  • Discussions of controversial issues are not allowed.
  • Any disrespectful word won't be allowed.
  • Attempts to ruin ongoing events are strictly forbidden.
  • Ticketing should be done only in a very close distance from the driver, and only after this one has been stopped.
  • Suspecting other players should only be done when the crime can be confirmed in a close distance.
  • Breaking any rule in order to role-play is strictly forbidden.
  • Usage of caps lock is not welcome.
  • Relay game (passing the same word to other players) is not allowed.
  • Any ways of ruining any roleplay situation is strictly forbidden.
  • Flood, spam, over-usage of words, letters or numbers are disallowed.
  • Cops must ask criminals to surrender before opening fire.
  • Once surrendered to the police (They have said in the main chat "I surrender"), the criminal may not try to escape or attack the cops.(/handsup is not included, criminals can use this to trick Cops)
  • Cops must not attack arrested (surrendered/jailed) criminals.
  • Killing in self-defence is allowed.
  • Criminals can not chase and attack the cops.
  • Wanted players may only use a maximum of five different vehicles.
  • Killed/jailed wanted players may not return to assist the remaining players of the group.
  • Policemen should use the Hunter aircraft only if a criminal is using a boat or an aircraft.
  • Citizens may not use the hunter.
  • Player names may have minimally 3 alphabetical letters.
  • Anyone with the intent to aid a criminal must have a proper roleplay background in order to do so.
  • Pornography content distribution and/or discussion is not allowed.

Hitman Contract Rules

  • Hits must be announced to administration, and the reason explained.
  • If the hit is called in order to have revenge on other player, the killed person must not be involved.
  • Once the hitman fails to kill their target(s) or kills himself, he may not try again.
  • If the hit is called in an admin, and this admin is the only one present at the moment, the hitman must try again later when there are more admins online.
  • If there are no admins online, or the hit is declined by administration, it should not be executed.

Bank Robbery Rules

  • The cops must not be outnumbered (minor) towards robbers.
  • At least 1 admin should be present to monitor the situation.
  • Robbers need to stay for at least 4 minutes inside the bank.
  • Police forces are allowed to suspect robbers inside the bank straight away once they arrive.
  • The monitoring admin can place additional rules for the current situation.

IV:MP Rules

  • Do not cheat; do not hack
  • Do not use mods which you advantage (handling mods etc.)
  • Do not heli kill; do not car kill; do not repeatedly or purposely ram others; do not carjack others
  • Do not abuse glitches or tools, that give you advantage over other players (i.e. entering locked vehicles)
  • Do not abuse bugs or faults in scripts that give you advantage
  • Do not pause during combat or while being wanted on in a place that hinders other players
  • Do not revenge kill
  • Do not flood the chat window; Do not spam; Do not swear
  • Slang is NOT accepted if it contains swearing, cursing or insulting language
  • Do not insult other players, respect them
  • Do not attack others without a proper role-play reason (He killed me first is a clear Rulebreak: "Do not revange kill")
  • Do not escape if surrendered to the police (follow cops to the police department)
  • Police, FBI and NOOSE vehicles are only for their own usage
  • Do not cheat, hack money
  • Do not imposter other players (no copying other players nicks or regular clan tags)
  • Unreadable nicknames are not allowed (Please refrain from using <>?/|\{}[]()-=+/*- tags are fine, but not whole name out of them)
  • Nicks that are or does have parts of Lord of the Rings characters names are not allowed - Reserved
  • Do not rule break and go crazy cause there are no admins around (You can never be sure; Rememer Sauron is watching)
  • Server rules apply at all times, also in case there are no admins or scripts are not functioning. Rulebreaking at those times can and will be punished later on

Duty Rules

  • Do not suspect for rulebreaks if there are admins present to handle (car killing, ramming, death matching, heli killing, carjacking; /report instead)
  • Do not abuse the suspect command without a valid reason named law break (check laws)
  • Cops are used to use normal duty weapons granted by scripts
  • Do not shoot suspects that offer no resistance
  • You must act like the skin duty does require you to be acted

Suspect Rules

  • Do not start chasing cops only cause you are suspected (Only allowed to shoot if cops chase you)
  • Do not randomly get suspected for mayor law breaks (assault, etc... considered as death matching)
  • Do not start to immediately mark the suspector as abuser (keep on roleplaying as you did what it says)
  • In case you were abused write a report to leaders of the suspectors group (
  • Do not evade the law enforcers by swimming in water

Additional Script Rules

  • Weapon may not get equiped during combat
  • Do not use duty skins on your without beeing part of group or off duty
  • Banned weapons are: Grenades, Molotov Cocktails, Rocket Launcher
  • Do not keep bugs that can be abused secret (Abusing of bug; Report immediately to Scripters to fix it)

Teamspeak Rules

  • TeamSpeak can only be used for Argonath RPG purposes!
  • Use the same nickname as in game!
  • English is the only language permitted!
  • Do NOT flame/insult. Respect other users.
  • Do NOT use voice masking software, or any computer voices.
  • Do not make any annoying sounds or voices
  • Select the correct channel
  • Read the channel description before joining a channel
  • You are only allowed to play music in the music channel.

Click here for more detailled information about the TeamSpeak rules.