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  • Passport is required

  • There are two types of business
    • Wholesaler
      • Produces or imports goods and sells them to other business
    • Retailer
      • Buys goods from a wholesaler and sells them to the consumers

Buying a business

  • Stand near a business for sale

  • Type /building for more details
    • Restaurant.jpg

  • Type /pricelist stock to see the business inventory
    • ResStock.jpg
      • The amount is in-between the ()

  • Now type /buybusiness

Selling your business

  • Stand near your business

  • Selling to a player
    • Type /sellbusiness [playerid]
      • Business will be transfered to the player
      • Business cargos won't be deleted
        • Showroom will also be transferred if the business is a vehicles dealership
      • You will not receive the property value back

  • Normal sell
    • Type /sellbusiness
      • Business cargos will be deleted
      • You will receive the property value

Changing stock price

  • Type /pricelist
    • ResStock.jpg

  • Type /setprice [item name] [new value]
    • Example: /setprice pizza 20

  • Business managers can use this command

Managing your business money

  • Typing /bizmoney will show how much money the business have
  • Your business can only store up to 8300000$ (8.3kk).

  • Storing more money
    • Type /bizmoney [deposit] [amount]
      • Example: /bizmoney deposit 999
  • Withdraw
    • Type /bizmoney [withdraw] [amount]
      • Example: /bizmoney withdraw 2001

  • Business managers can only deposit

Managing employees

  • Typing /hire list will show a list with all employees and their levels

  • Hiring staff
    • Type /hire [player nick]
      • At this stage your employee may only deliver business cargos
  • Firing
    • Typing /hire [player nick] again should fire an employee

  • Promoting an employee
    • Type /employeerights [player nick] [manager]
      • Example: /employeerights 1 manager

    • Manager rights constains
      • Cargos deliver commands (including hiring a carrier)
      • Produce or buy new stock (using business money)
      • Change stock prices
      • Depositing money for the business

  • Demoting an employee
    • Type /employeerights [player nick] [standard]
      • Player will have cargo delivering commands only

Changing your business name

  • Type /bizname [new name]
    • Example: /bizname Wiki editor Burgers

  • Business name must contain
    • Characters a-Z 0-9 only, spaces are allowed
    • 20 characters is the maximum

  • Business names are unique and script protected

Retailer guide

Retailer guide

Miscellaneous business guides

Miscellaneous guide
Vehicle dealership guide

Exporting stock to other business

  • This command will create a cargo at your business and it has to be delieved to its destination.
    • Do not use this command unless you are sure of what you are doing. Once the cargo is created you won't be able to restock it.

  • Type /exportStock [item name] [amount] [destination business name]
    • Example: /exportstock pizza 50 Random Pizza Place