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Private messaging

Use /pm [playerid] [text] to send a message directly to a player

  • Press TAB to see a list with the online players and their IDs

  • Example:
    • /pm 0 Hi Ozone
PM to Ozone_Gatsby(0): Hi Ozone

  • You can turn off your private messages by using /setpm [on / off]

Local chat talk

Use /l [text] or /local [text] to talk. Only players in less than 15m will hear you talking.

  • Example:
    • /l Testing the local chat
[R*]Armelin(1) said: Testing the local chat

Local chat whispering

  • Use /w [text] to whisper. Only players in less than 5m will hear you whisper.
    • If whisper is used inside a vehicle only the vehicles occupants will be able to hear it.

  • Example:
    • /w They can't hear us outside
[R*]Armelin(1) whispered: They cant hear us outside

Local chat shouting

Use /s [text] or /shout [text] to shout. Only players in less than 30m will hear you shouting.

  • Example:
    • /s Don't jump
[R*]Armelin(1) shouted: Don't jump!

Role Play action chats

  • Use /me [text] to RP something you do.
[R*]Armelin(1) reads a hateful SMS

  • You can also use /em [text] to tell other players something that is happening
My cellphone is ringing [R*]Armelin(1)

Chat mode

  • To change chat mod which means when you press t you wont write in main chat.
    • There are diffrent types of modes. to start type /chatmode [type of modes]
    • Types are:
/chatmode Local  :if you want to talk in local chat when pressing t.
/chatmode cb     :if you want to talk in cb channel.
/chatmode public :if you want to go back to public chat.