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This list contains the majority of the current IV:MP commands.

Note any script abuse or misuse of any of the following commands results in severe punishment carried out by the admin team.


Account commands

  • /register Username password - To register a new account
  • /login Username password - To login a registered account
  • /changepass new-password - To change your account password
  • /changenick new-nickname - To change your account nickname
  • /resetspawn - To reset your spawn location

Help commands

  • /help - To display a list of basic commands
  • /rules - To display the server rules
  • /commands - To display a shortened version of commands
  • /policehelp - To display the rules of police work
  • /wantedhelp - To display the rules for criminals
  • /report player-ID Reason - To report a player to the administration
  • /newjob - To display a list of jobs and how to get them
  • /jobcommands - To display a list of your current jobs commands
  • /accounthelp - To display a list of account-related commands
  • /carhelp - To display a list of car-related commands
  • /househelp - To display a list of house-related commands
  • /bizhelp - To display a list of business-related commands
  • /cbhelp - To display a list of CB-related commands
  • /misc - To display a list of miscellaneous commands

Chat commands

  • /chatmode - To set your default chat
  • /public (/p) text - To talk in the main chat (default)
  • /whisper (/w) text - To whisper in local chat
  • /say (/l) text - To talk in local chat
  • /shout (/s) text - To shout in local chat
  • /m text - To use megaphone in emergency vehicles
  • /me text - To write a first-person action
  • /em text - To write a third-person action
  • /pm player-ID text - To send a private message to a player
  • /radio (/r) text - To talk on job radio
  • /emergency (/e) text - To talk on emergency radio
  • /joinchannel channel-number password - To join a channel with the specified number
  • /cb text - To talk in a channel
  • /call phone-number - To call a number (after phone was picked up, you can talk to it without using any command)

Police commands

  • /duty - To get on and off duty at a police station
  • /rearm - To restore your duty weapons at a police station
  • /speed player-ID - To check player's speed
  • /m1, /m2, /m3 - To say predefined message in megaphone while in emergency vehicle
  • /suspect (/su) player-ID reason - To make player wanted; only lawbreaks are considered a valid crime
  • /cancelsuspect (/cs) player-ID reason - To unsuspect a wanted player
  • /crime player-ID - To display suspect's crime
  • /gued player-ID - To see if a criminal surrendered
  • /cuff player-ID - To cuff a criminal after he surrendered
  • /jail player-ID - To jail a cuffed criminal at a police station
  • /rank player-ID - To display player's law enforcement rank
  • /registration player-ID - To show the player's passport and driver license
  • /nextmodel - To change your model at a police station
  • /uniform body-part-ID uniform-part-ID - To change a certain part of your uniform
  • /showbadge (/sb) - To show/hide badge as an undercovered agent
  • /destroyweed - To destroy the weed in your inventory as an agent
  • /whybanned - To display the reason of a copban

Medic commands

  • /medic - To go on and off medic duty at a hospital
  • /heal player-ID - To heal a player; both players must be in an Ambulance

Taxi commands

  • /driver - To go on and off taxi duty at a station
  • /acceptfare player-ID - To accept player as a fare; must be in taxi vehicle

Mechanic commands

  • /mechanic - To go on and off mechanic duty at a gas station
  • /fillup player-ID - To fill player's vehicle with fuel
  • /wash player-ID - To wash player's vehicle

Hooker commands

  • /hooker - To go on and off hooker duty at a strip club
  • /sex player-ID - To have a good time with another player; must be in a car

Firefighter commands

  • /fireman - To go on and off firefight duty at a fire station
  • /mission - To go on or off a mission (to complete a mission, go to the destination marked on map and hold the "F" key)

Criminal commands

  • /gu - To surrender to the police
  • /rhl - To see how long you have to run to evade the police
  • /takejob - To join a robbery job

Properties commands

  • /invent - To display your inventory
  • /send player-ID amount - To send player a certain amount of money
  • /buyhouse - To buy a house
  • /sellhouse - To sell a house
  • /buybusiness - To buy a business
  • /sellbusiness - To sell a business
  • /restock - To restock a business
  • /bizname name - To set a business name
  • /housename name - To set a house name
  • /bizmoney - To display the amount of money in a business
  • /bizwithdraw - To withdraw money from your business
  • /store - To store models/outfits into your house
  • /storegun - To store guns into your house
  • /load - To load models/outfits from your house
  • /loadgun - To load guns from your house
  • /invite username - To invite someone to live with you in your house
  • /housecash - To store/withdraw money from your house
  • /housedrugs - To store/withdraw weed from your house
  • /houseinvent - To show the house inventory
  • /pricelist - To display a list of items sold at business
  • /buy item - To buy an item from a business
  • /buyweapon weapon-ID - To buy a weapon at a gun store
  • /buytraffic weapon-ID - To buy a weapon at a weapons dealer
  • /orderweed - To order weed at a dealer
  • /givedrugs player-id amount - To send drugs to another player
  • /availablemodels - To list the available models-ID for sale at a clothes store
  • /trymodel ID - To try a model at a clothes store
  • /tryclothes body-part-ID uniform-part-ID - To try a certain part of your clothes at a clothes store

Vehicles commands

  • /fillup - To fill your vehicle with fuel at a gas station
  • /carcolor color-1 color-2 color-3 color-4 - To set your vehicles colors at a garage
  • /tune part-of-vehicle 0/1 - To tune your vehicle at a garage
  • /purchaseinfo - To display the price of a sales vehicle
  • /getout - To leave a sales vehicle
  • /buyvehicle - To buy a vehicle
  • /sellvehicle - To sell a vehicle
  • /savecar - To save your vehicles spawn location
  • /carlock - To lock and unlock your vehicle; must be inside
  • /carlock2 - To lock and unlock your vehicle to your current CB channel; must be inside
  • /remotelock vehicle-slot - To remotely lock and unlock a vehicle; you can see the slot of your vehicle in your inventory - First vehicle ID is slot 0, second ID slot 1 and so on

Uncathegorized commands

  • /admins - To display a list of online staff members
  • /col - To display a list of online COL Administrators
  • /dt - To display a list of online driving teachers
  • /kill - To suicide
  • /cbusers - To display a list of channel users
  • /cbpass - To change your CB channel password
  • /lotto number - To purchase a lotto ticket
  • /ad text - To advertise your services
  • /enter - To enter a balcony
  • /exit - To exit a balcony
  • /thawme - To unfreeze yourself
  • /refreshme - To syncronize yourself

Note that commands are outdated, and current RS 2.0 commands are not added to the list.