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Buying weed seeds and cannabis

  • Go to the Pill Pharm store at Dukes

  • Stand near the business market and type /buy [item]
    • Examples: /buy cannabis, /buy weed-seeds

  • Note: Buying cannabis or weed-seeds gives 10 units of either

Medical usage of cannabis

  • Stand near your own house
    • Or a house that you have access

  • Type /smoke and that will recover 30 hp

Growing your own weed

  • You need to buy some weed-seeds first

  • Find a place suitable for growing like the one below (note the plant pot object)

  • Type /grow next to it to plant the seed
  • After 1 minute the seed will be ready to harvest, so type /harvest to collect your greens

  • There are 8 other suitable areas to grow randomly placed around Liberty City


Getting started

  • Go talk to Ash

  • Type /l hi
Ash: Collect 300 weed seeds for me

  • Do as he said and collect 300 weed seeds then type /l deliver
Ash: Your loyalty is impressive, welcome to the game

  • Your respect has just increased to 1, and you are now able to sell weed to Ash
  • Type /l hi again to see what is the deal Ash can offer you at this time
Ash: Im buying 200 grams for 2400$

  • If you agree with the offer Ash has made type /l sell

Earning more respect

  • Find the other dealers around the city and follow the example above
    • If the NPC doesn't give you a task when you say "hi" it means you don't have enough respect to talk to them yet

More about the deal offers

  • Each dealer have their own
    • Buying amount
    • Minimum price
    • Maximum price
    • Bribe rate

  • While the amount is fixed, the offer is a dynamic number between the minimum and maximum price. Dealers with more respect will also have higher maximum prices and bribe rates.

  • What is the bribe rate afterall?
    • It's the chance that will force you to a pay a bribe in order to walk free of charges
    • The bribe is always 30% of the deal price

Weapons traffick

This part is unlocked after finding the NPC Yuri Orlov and delivering his task items. (Respect level 3 is required)

  • Stand next to Yuri Orlov
  • Type /buytraffic [weapon name]
    • Example: /buytraffic ak-47

Available weapons for traffick:

Pistol, DesertEagle, Shotgun, Combat-Shotgun
UZI, AK-47, Sniper, Revolver
Auto-Shotgun and Advanced-MG

Escaping from police

  • Once the time in your /rhl ends then your wanted level will be removed.