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All properties must pay taxes every month. The basic tax price is 0.5% of the property value, the tax percentage increases with the amount of properties you have. The server collects the taxes on the 1st day of the month. If the taxes weren't paid the property will be removed and owner will receive 85% of the property value back. To check the tax status, visit city hall and type /myproperties. A list will show up showing the name of the property with the tax status if its paid or not.

Checking the tax price

  • Stand near your property and write /checktax
    • You can also use this command to check if the tax has been paid for the month.

Paying taxes

  • Stand near your property and write /paytax

Forgot to pay taxes?

The owner has 7 full days to reaquire their properties using the /paytax command. The reaquire price is 8% of the property value.

  • This system is also available for house invites and business employees.
Players sharing properties will have 2 full days to use /paytax after the 7 days period for owners is expired.
The price is 30% of the property value and the property will become YOURS.