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Starting the tutorial

One of the best ways to start getting familiar with the server mechanics is doing the in-game tutorial. To start the tutorial write: /tutorial
With the new Tuto system, you can repeat the tutorials if you find it is necessary.


You can stop the tutorial guide by typing /stoptutorial


Mission 1: Changing clothes

You will see the following message displayed on the chat

  • Find a "Clothes shop" on your game map.
    • To do that, hit Esc to check the map for T-Shirt icon.

  • Now drive to the clothes shop
    • You may use any State vehicle. They are owned by the server and can be used by everyone.

  • Stand on the yellow circle of the clothes stores, type /enter to enter the clothes shop

  • Now you can start changing clothes using up and down buttons

  • Once you choose the one you like press enter to buy it.


  • After buying your new clothes you can exit the shop using /exit
  • Congratulations for completing the first tutorial step. Type /tutorial again to continue it.

Mission 2 : Working as firefighter

  • First you must get the firefighter job at a brigade.
    • Fire stations are located all around the town, go to one of the Fire station icons

  • Now stand near the fire brigade and type /fireman
    • Use /jobcommands to see the available commands for firemans.

  • As a fireman your job is to complete missions generated by the server every 10 to 12 minutes.
    • Once a mission is available you will be notified by the dispatch
Mission: Prision Riot

  • In order to take part in a mission you must use /joinmission inside a fire truck or an ambulance
You have joined this mission. You must stay inside an EMS vehicle for 90 seconds.

  • Now that you are part of the mission, drive to its location (red waypoint icon)

  • To complete the mission firemans must stand near objects like: Fires, crashed vehicles, airplanes, bombs, etc.
    • Once you are close enough to an objective the server is slowly shows its progress on your screen.
  • "You must stay inside an EMS vehicle for 90 seconds", you won't be allowed to progress on the missions until you waited the 90 seconds.
    • Crashing, exiting the vehicle and entering a different vehicle will NOT reset the timer.
    • Once you the 90 secs have passed the server will warn you. You are now ready to complete the mission

  • Once the firemans and the medics completed their parts of the mission you will be rewared for the good job.
You were rewarded 600$ for your work
You were given 800$ for completing a tutorial task

  • Type /tutorial again to continue it.

Mission 3: Working as a medic

  • First you must quit your firefighting job. You can quit it by using /fireman at a fire station.

  • Now you need to become a medic. Go to the nearest hospital and type /medic

  • Type /equip to get a few first aid kits
    • You can check how many you have by using /invent

  • Stand near a player that requiered your services and tell him to use /heal your id
    • 1 first aid kit will be removed from your invent

  • Medics also haves missions to complete but instead of extinguishing fires you must rescue NPCs.
    • Follow the fireman missions guide if you are interested in doing missions as a medic.

Mission 4: Trucking Job

Trucking job Guide

Mission 5: Fishing

Fishing job Guide

Mission 6: Working as taxi Driver

Taxi Driver job Guide

Mission 7: Working as Mechanic

Mechanic job Guide

Mission 8: Newspaper

Newspaper delivery job Guide

Changing Name

  • Visit the city Hall and type /changenick
    • If it is your first time then it is for free but if it is not then you will have to pay 5.000 ARD.