MTA:SA Installation

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The steps to playing Multi Theft Auto on the Argonath RPG Server.

Step #1
Download the latest Multi Theft Auto client from the official MTA:SA page.
Step #2
Install the MTA:SA client following the instructions that are shown during the installation.
Step #3
Copy (Ctrl+C) the Argonath MTA:SA Server IP:

Step #4
Run MTA:SA and click on the "Settings" button, then choose your nickname.
Step #5
Close settings and go to the server browser, paste (Ctrl+V) the IP in the address bar. Click "connect" to connect to Argonath RPG MTA:SA server. After connecting the server will also pop up in the server browser's "Recent" tab.
Step #6
Play the game!
Step #7 (optional)
If you want direct access to the server, create a shortcut on your desktop that points to mtasa://

Opening that shortcut starts the MTA:SA client and immediately connects to Argonath's MTA:SA server.