Minecraft Rules

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See also: Argonath Rules
  • You must have a roleplay reason to kill someone.
  • No caps in the chat.
  • No advertising.
  • No glitching to gain advantages over other players.
  • No not build stuff which can offend players.
  • No hack clients allowed. Do not use any modifications that can give you an advantage over a normal player.(Xray, Noclip etc.)
  • No griefing at all.
  • No raiding. Do not take another players items without there direct permission or it will be considered raiding.
  • Do not build on another players property without there permission.
  • No flaming or disrespecting.
  • If you die you are responsible for what you had.
  • Bridges must be built at least 3 blocks high to allow boats and people to cross under.