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SA-MP homepageSA-MP forums

San Andreas Multiplayer is one of the many clients supported by Argonath RPG. SA-MP is a free multi-player game modification for the PC version of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Argonath SA-MP server was opened in February, 2007, and severely raised the community's population. It is a very popular server with friendly players, helpful administrators and overall, a great environment to be a part of.

Nowadays, people still flock to play and enjoy the Argonath experience. San Andreas Multiplayer guarantees that you will not be disappointed and is great for both first time and experienced players. The server is always open, and welcomes new players who are looking for a new home.

There are a few successful role-play servers out there, but Argonath RPG has established itself as one of the best, anyone can join our great community and enjoy all of its benefits.

Getting started

InstallationServer RulesServer Warnings

Role-playing guideReporting Guide

Getting a passport and/or driving license

SA-MP Panel

Important Information


AdministrationArgonath VisionArgonath Constitution

Solutions against deathmatchers, abusers, and alike

Game modifications: reminder

Script Information

Script Commands

Scripted MissionsScripted JobsScripted Drugs

Ammu-NationsATMsGPSModding Garages

List of clothesList of vehiclesList of interiors

Vehicle Colours IDsProperties GuideProperty Naming Information

Additional Information

Moderators Guide

Public Services and Law Enforcement

San Andreas Fire DepartmentSan Andreas Police DepartmentFederal Bureau of InvestigationSan Andreas Court

San Andreas

State of San Andreas

Los SantosSan FierroLas Venturas