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<h4 class="box-title blue first">Leaders</h4>
<h4 class="box-title blue first">Owners</h4>
<p>'''Those who are equal to the owner level based on their merits and advice.'''</p>
<p>[[User:Aragorn|[Rstar]RON, Aragorn]] &bull; [[User:Gandalf|[Rstar]Ronnel, Gandalf]]</p>
<p>[[User:Boromir| TeaM_MIB, Boromir]] &bull; [[User:Kojak|[Rstar]Kojak, Elrond]]</p>
<h4 class="box-title blue">Community Leaders</h4>
<h4 class="box-title blue">Community Leaders</h4>
<p>'''Specially assigned to one community.'''</p>
<p>'''Specially assigned to the sub-community.'''</p>
<p>[[User: xcasio | [Rstar]xcasio, Gimli]]</p>
<p>[[User:Legolas| [Rstar]Agent, Legolas]] &bull; [[User:Boromir| TeaM_MIB, Boromir]] &bull; [[User:Kojak| [Rstar]Kojak, Elrond]] &bull; [[User:xcasio| [Rstar]xcasio, Gimli]] </p>
<h4 class="box-title blue">Managers</h4>
<h4 class="box-title blue">Managers</h4>

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SAMP Icon.png SA-MP
  • Important Information
    • Administration


This page might be outdated and is currently being updated to the RS5.2 version of the SA-MP server script. Contents of this page may not correctly represent the actual behavior and presence of the scripts, nor the state of things in the game.


[Rstar]RON, Aragorn[Rstar]Ronnel, Gandalf

Community Leaders

Specially assigned to the sub-community.

[Rstar]Agent, Legolas TeaM_MIB, Boromir [Rstar]Kojak, Elrond [Rstar]xcasio, Gimli


These guys are responsible for the daily lead of the team, unban requests or leading the scripting division.

[Rstar]CBFASI, Celeborn[Rstar]Pancher[Rstar]cDa[Rstar]Cutt3r[Rstar]Jaaskaa[Rstar]Malcolm

Property Administrators

These guys are responsible for managing and setting properties.

Murt_Rogers • [Rstar]Daxx • [Rstar]Dellstorm • [Rstar]Jcstodds • TeaM_Zaila • CaptainCrazy • DHR.Mike • SkyHawk


These guys are responsible for the most of the work.

CaptainCrazy • Daniel_Corleone • David_Omid • DHR.Mike • iDavid • Jimmy_B • [AoD]Johnny_Gatt • Murt_Rogers • Matuate • TeaM_QSens • TeaM_Shejken • TeaM_Trobby888 • TeaM_Zaila • [EVIL]Onotole • [Rstar]Carbon • [Rstar]Daxx • [Rstar]Dellstorm • [Rstar]EliteTerm • [Rstar]Hidduh • [Rstar]Inkognito • [Rstar]Jcstodds • [Rstar]Joker • [Rstar]Louis • [Rstar]Petey • [RPIT]JDC_Kolta • MrMe_Miller • NitrOx_Stracci • Nathan_Aldebourne • Salmonella • [WS]Battle_Cuneo • [WS]Tovenaarke


They are learning the trade.

Cailan • Doggi • Rydell_Dowson • [Rstar]Razor • Roman_Collin • Jonny_Corleone • Joey_DeRossi • Jonathan_Als • TeaM_Achagan • [WS]SeanC • [WS]Fuzzy

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