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<h4 class="box-title blue">Moderators</h4>
<h4 class="box-title blue">Moderators</h4>
<p style="font-size: 80%">'''Apprentice admins who are dedicated to assisting new players.'''</p>
<p style="font-size: 80%">'''Apprentice admins who are dedicated to assisting new players.'''</p>
<p>[Rstar]Razor &bull;
<p>&bull; [Rstar]Razor</p>
[[User:Patton|TeaM_Patton]] &bull;  
<p>&bull; [[User:Patton|TeaM_Patton]] </p>
[WS]Michelle_N &bull;  
<p>&bull; [WS]Michelle_N </p>
[WS]Paco &bull;  
<p>&bull; [WS]Paco</p>
[MA]FlameMan &bull;  
<p>&bull; [MA]FlameMan </p>
[MA]TheRock &bull;
<p>&bull; [MA]TheRock </p>
Alonso_Corleone &bull;  
<p>&bull; Alonso_Corleone</p>
BenThePenguin &bull;  
<p>&bull; BenThePenguin </p>
BKP &bull;  
<p>&bull; BKP </p>
Cofiliano_Gvardia &bull;  
<p>&bull; Cofiliano_Gvardia </p>
Conroy &bull;  
<p>&bull; Conroy </p>
[[User:Gregersen|Gregersen]] &bull;  
<p>&bull; [[User:Gregersen|Gregersen]] </p>
Julio_Collin &bull;  
<p>&bull; Julio_Collin </p>
=AV=kun4L &bull;  
<p>&bull; =AV=kun4L </p>
Matrixbob &bull;  
<p>&bull; Matrixbob </p>
<p>&bull; Sushi</p>
<p>&bull; [WS]Fuzzy</p>

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SAMP Icon.png SA-MP
  • Important Information
    • Administration


This page might be outdated and is currently being updated to the RS5.2 version of the SA-MP server script. Contents of this page may not correctly represent the actual behavior and presence of the scripts, nor the state of things in the game.


The heads of the Argonath RPG Community.

Aragorn / [R*]RON

Gandalf / [R*]Ronnel

Legolas / [R*]Agent


Community Leaders

Second only to the Owners in rank and merit, they lead the Community as well.

Boromir / TeaM-MIB

Elrond / [R*]Kojak

Gimli / [R*]xcasio

Celeborn / [R*]CBFasi


Responsible for overseeing the team's daily operation, handling unban requests, and leading the scripting division.







• Murt

Property Administrators

Responsible for the management and setting of properties.

• [Rstar]Daxx

Witchking / [Rstar]Tandtrollet

• TeaM_Zaila

• [WS]Reece

• SkyHawk


The main workforce of the Administration.

•[Rstar]Daxx • [Rstar]EliteTerm • [Rstar]Joker • [Rstar]Louis • [Rstar]Petey • Witchking / [Rstar]Tandtrollet • Dropped_Soap • TeaM_Zaila • [WS]Duel • [WS]Luke_Kolta • [WS]Mikro • [WS]Reece[WS]SeanC • [WS]Skyhawk • Carter_Shaw • Paul_Hernandez • Jimmy_Bowling • Rydell_Corleone • Mash • Chris_Corleone • Cyril_Olaso • Plam_Knight • =AV=StatuZ • Doggi


Apprentice admins who are dedicated to assisting new players.

• [Rstar]Razor


• [WS]Michelle_N

• [WS]Paco

• [MA]FlameMan

• [MA]TheRock

• Alonso_Corleone

• BenThePenguin


• Cofiliano_Gvardia

• Conroy


• Julio_Collin

• =AV=kun4L

• Matrixbob

• Sushi

• [WS]Fuzzy

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