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{{Micro|Apprentice admins who are dedicated to assisting new players.}}
{{Micro|Apprentice admins who are dedicated to assisting new players.}}
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<div class="columns three-col">
* Daniel_Winston
* Nathan_Aldebourne
* Vaeldious
* Vaeldious

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The heads of the Argonath RPG Community.

Community Leaders

Second only to the Owners in rank and merit, they lead the Community as well.

  • [Rstar]Carbon

Division Leaders (not in use currently)

Responsible for leading the SA-MP division.

  • [Rstar]Carbon


Responsible for overseeing the team's daily operation and handling unban requests.

  • [Rstar]Andeey
  • Bengt
  • [Rstar]Brian
  • [Rstar]MrTrane

Senior Administrators

  • Alfred
  • Peter


The main workforce of the Administration.


Apprentice admins who are dedicated to assisting new players.

  • Daniel_Winston
  • Nathan_Aldebourne
  • Vaeldious

Maiar (Resigned/Inactive Community Leaders)

  • Agent (Legolas)
  • xcasio (Gimli)
  • Kojak (Elrond)
  • CBFasi
  • Boromir / MIB

Valar (Resigned/Inactive Managers)

  • cDa
  • Cutt3r
  • Dylan
  • Jaaskaa
  • Malcolm
  • Mikro
  • Murt
  • Pancher
  • Rusty
  • Ted

Scripting Team

  • Frederick
  • Marcel

Mapping Team

  • Andeey
  • MrTrane
  • Stof
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