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SAMP Admin Team


Owners - These people founded Argonath RPG and actively manage the server. They are responsible for the final decisions on the server and pay the bills.

  • [Rstar]Agent, Legolas 'semi-retired
  • [Rstar]RON, Aragorn
  • [Rstar]Ronnel, Gandalf
  • Sauron

SA:MP Leaders

Leaders - Those who are equal to the owner level based on their merits and advice.

SA:MP Community Leaders

Community Leaders - Specially assigned to one community.

SA:MP Managers

Managers - These guys are responsible for the daily lead of the team, unban requests or leading the scripting division.

SA:MP Admins

Admins - These guys are responsible for the most of the work

SA:MP Moderators

Moderators - They are learning the trade.