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This page is updated to the server version RS5.2. Any information you find in this threat should be accurate with the mentioned server version. If you think something is wrong, please contact the Argonath Wikipedia staff.

Getting a Passport

Welcome to the United States of Argonath RPG, it's time to unpack your luggage. First of all, you need the citizenship of Argonath RPG. To get a passport, you have to pass a short test. A member of the Citizenship and Migration Board (CMB) will ask you a few questions about our laws, commands and the general server rules. You can study for the exam(/cmbstudy) by learning the content of our websites. If you pass the test, you will become a registered inhabitant of Argonath RPG. Having a passport gives you the ability to purchases houses and businesses and the option to have a driving license. In order to obtain a passport, you need to be registered for 7 days on the server.

You can view this information in game using the command /help passport. It would explain you all what you need to do in order to be legally registered.

Getting a Driving License

After you received your passport, it's time to get a driving license. You can contact a /ds instructor to get your lesson so you can learn how the streets of Argonath works, after you studied and learnt enough you need to contact a examiner to get your exam, if you don't pass your exam you are free to do it again after a few hours.

With a driving license, it's possible to purchase a vehicle. Each car dealership has a specific list of vehicles which can be purchased. To purchase a vehicle, simply enter a vehicle at a dealership and enter the vehicle. A window would show saying "Buy" or "Exit", and also the price above the two buttons. If you have enough money, click on "Buy", and the car will spawn in your ownership, near the dealership. In order to have full control, it is recommended to re-enter the vehicle, or even respawn the vehicle using "/vehicles". When selling your vehicle, you will get 55% of it's value. You can see the exact amount you receive using "/help vprices", then choose the dealership which sells your vehicle, and you would find the amount you get colored on red.

You can view this information in game using the command "/help passport".

List of driving schools: