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This page is updated to the server version RS5.2. Any information you find in this threat should be accurate with the mentioned server version. If you think something is wrong, please contact the Argonath Wikipedia staff.

An in-depth explanation of possible situations, including:

How to properly report a player and what reaction to wait

Whenever a player sees another player misbehaving or breaking a rule, best thing he can do is to report that player. In order to do that, the following command was given: /report <ID> <Reason>.

  • Whenever you submit a report, you automatically receive a green message saying:
    You reported playerX for: ReasonX
  • Now, when the report is send to the admin team, administrators receive a message saying:
    PlayerX was reported by PlayerX for ReasonX
  • After a few seconds, whenever an admin takes the report, you should see a green message saying:
    Administrator NameX is looking at your report.

That means that the mentioned administrator is looking into your report, therefore you should have some patience.

What you should NOT do when reporting someone

Please do not:

  • Flood the /report command, once is enough.
  • Swear or insult in the reports
  • Disrespect the admin team or the reported player
  • Demand a punishment
  • Rule-break in revenge towards the reported person
  • If are on police duty, do NOT suspect him the reported player. If you do suspect him, it suggest you can handle the case on your own, and do not need administrators' assistance.

Things you should also consider: The administration team, is a team of humans. Administrators also sometimes make mistakes, however, please remain calm when you are interacting with them, or want to report someone.

I was abused by an admin. What should I do?

If you were abused and you believe the punishment you have received was invalid, you can try reaching the administrator using /pm. Remain calm for a better interaction. If the problem is not solved after a conversation, you may proceed to sending a report to the complaint e-mail! The complaint e-mail for SA-MP is [email protected]. You may also use the forum report function (enlisted under SA:MP - San Andreas Multiplayer board). You may e-mail or send any time, but please make sure you include the correct time and/or even some evidence if possible, so that they can be confirmed by a log check.

Note: Making a public topic anywhere on forums about the situation or the administrator who abused you will not help. It's against forum rules and you will be punished for it. Your topic will probably get locked and/or deleted.

I reported a player! Why isn't he getting punished?

This is a common situation these days. Lots of people who report others do not see a public /warn or /kick message being used on the reported player(s) and often start fighting with administrators demanding punishment. Please avoid provoking administrators. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are angry and you are about to demand a punishment for the person you reported and believe that the report did not affect the person report, please understand that you should remain clam and not attempt to insult or provoke anyone. If you cannot control emotions it is advised that it is better to leave the game, rather than start a fight. If you ask an administrator regarding the action taken and you are told that (s)he got a verbal warning, that means that the administrator did speak to him and warned him. You should also consider that most of the punishments carried out are not always seen in public. Note that the admin team is encouraged to communicate with the reported players and not to immediately rush to punishing.

I got abused by a cop and now I'm a suspect for no valid reason!

First of all, all players are humans. There are players who are there to abuse and annoy others, but there are also those who play for their fun, letting everyone enjoy the game. In such situations it can be a mistake or you got suspected by someone who aims to destroy others and ruin role-play. What you should do is listed bellow:

  • Remain calm. The majority of abused players start flaming. However, that's going get you punished as well.
  • Give up. It's the simple step that can prevent further abuse. You can type /gu to surrender, then ask a police officer to investigate the crime.

If an officer refuses to give you an investigation, you may proceed to sending a report (/report).

Reporting a player / an administrator using the forum report function

Aside from reporting a player in game, and e-mailing a report to the Argonath RPG official e-mail ([email protected]); You may also report a player or an administrator using the forum report button. Before reporting a player, it is always recommended to report him to the online administrators in-game. In case of unavailability, you may use this function. Make sure you get enough proofs and save your logs for the report!

In order to report a player via forum, you may follow these steps:

Step 1:

Reporting a player/an administrator via forum
Step 1 - Locating the report button

Locate the report button and click on it. The report button should be under "GTA: San Andreas" category, and under "SA:MP - San Andreas Multiplayer". It is named "Staff & Player reports" (as shown in the picture above).

Step 2:

Reporting a player/an administrator via forum
Step 2 - Filling your report

Once you click on the report button, you should be redirected to the report page. This page should contain all the necessary information and fields you need to fill in order to get the best efficiency out of your report. It is recommended to give as much details as possible, and provide screenshots and logs as it is helpful in the investigation.

Make sure you have filled all the required fields with all the required information, and once ready, hit the submit button!

When should you not use this function:

There are several cases where you should not use this function, and some of them are listed below:

  • When you've already submitted a report. If you would like to add more information or to correct the information, contact a webmaster or a manager/board moderator. Sending another report would not work.
  • When the report has already been handled.
  • You may not use the function for fun and trolling. You will receive a severe punishment if found abusing!