SA-MP Solutions against deathmatchers, abusers, and alike

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This page might be outdated and is currently being updated to the RS5.2 version of the SA-MP server script. Contents of this page may not correctly represent the actual behavior and presence of the scripts, nor the state of things in the game.

This article is NOT for new players. It is for regular players that complain about new players being rule-breakers and abusers. First, attempt to solve minor issues (like the ones listed below) yourself instead of instantly using /report - you will save administrators' time, so they can serve others faster.



Typical situations at the server:

  1. A player asks in main chat, "how to get a gun?"
    Regulars answer like a choir: "/buyweapon at ammu"
    Problem 1: no regulars instruct the player that the server goal is not killing others, so guns are not critical to play.

  2. Player attacks a regular. Gets called a "DMer" (which he probably doesn't even understand) and gets /reported, while getting suspected and killed by cops.
    Problem 2: "DMer" is not a clear term. New players might not know what does that mean.

Solution: When a player asks where to get guns, first explain that the server's goal is not killing others. Help in getting guns ONLY after a player is aware that fragging is not the objective! Better instruct "don't deathmatch", or better yet, "don't attack other players"/"killing is not the goal in this server".

Abusing Cops

A player asks in main chat, "how to be cop?"
Regulars answer "Go LSPD" or "/duty at LSPD"

Problem: The player is not warned about any restrictions, like shooting civilians. If you're going to help a new player, don't stop on telling how to go on duty. Explain also how cop work is supposed to look like.

Solution: When a player asks how to be a cop, either ask a regular cop to teach him how to play properly or teach him yourself, also a new player can only be a cop after 7 days of playing.

Rammers and Carkillers

Problem: Not everyone is aware that SA-MP is horribly desynced and laggy. Report only repeated and obviously on purpose attempts of ramming and carkilling. DON'T report single ram on a road intersection at a road with heavy traffic.

Solution: Pay'n'Spray is $100, so just get over it and repair your car.

Role-play Ruiners

Problem: Your definition of role-play. A good role-play can't just get "ruined", hardly "disturbed".

Solution: If you expect that no one is allowed to interact with you while you're doing something else - go play The Sims.

Money-hungry Players

Problem: Some players are money-hungry.

Solution: Give them a mission to do!

New players are not (yet) used to be greedy like regular players so they will most likely take any job that you offer them or tell them to do. You can help new players working (like trucking/sweeper), or just keep them busy (like tell them to go try and have interaction with players and roleplay somewhere). Will save chat flooding and begging for money, and will give the players something proper to do (so they don't rule-break).

NOTE: Giving a new player a job to rule-break for you will get YOU punished. So don't even try tricking new players into rule-breaking.

"When I was afk..."

  • ...cop suspected me
  • ...DMer killed me
  • ...admin kicked me
  • ...carjacker stole my car
  • cheater sent me money and got me banned
  • ...player stole weed I was growing

Problem: There is completely no advantage of going AFK over disconnecting. Furthermore, going AFK causes problems (like the ones above), yet you never learn from experience and keep doing it.

Solution: Do not leave your game/character unattended, there is NO reason to do so.

While in the old days your position, skin and weapons were not saved and you had to re-spawn at a spawn point, the current script version saves your position, skin, health/armour, weapons, and in most cases even the vehicle you're using. There is also no player slot problem, since the server can fit 200 people. If you need to do something out-game (eg. start TeamSpeak or check forum), quit the game, do what you have to and restart the game.

General Summary

  • If you're lazy and don't want to explain players how things work, you're not allowed to moan about rule-breakers & abusers and players not knowing rules & regulations.
  • If you're greedy and don't want to give players jobs, you're not allowed to moan about money beggars and money hungry players.