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  • Current ingame name: Duel
  • Current ingame role: Administrator
  • Forum Profile: Duel


Gangs / Mafias

Respected Groups

The journey

Duel registered on the 15 of November 2009, by the name of OFFICAERstitch. He found out Argonath by browsing through the servers on MTA:SA, and joined the Argonath server, then met a guy named [Rstar]Sammir and suggested I should join the SA:MP server. And he did.. Whilst on, he had gone through a couple of groups (not mentioning all) most importantly the one he had created which held around 20 members.. In that same time frame, Duel had joined Ninja Pie Clan. Duel had then re-united with, "Joosty(Esteban_Mendez)" and "Afum(Paco_Ruiz, Drake_Muller etc..)", former Los Santos Kings members. With them he started the group, around early 2010, he had fumed the group with Los Diablos in agreement with Pablo Santos (Los Diablos founder). He had been in Los Diablos for well over a year, including leaving and rejoining.. He had become a loyal member to Diablos, and got promoted a few times, to an even higher rank.. Friends in Los Diablos where Paco Ruiz, Esteban Mendez, Chavela Estevez, Pablo Santos, and Andre Escobar. His roleplaying skills had improved towards the 'srs rp style' whilst in Los Diablos.. Then left Diablos again, in 2011, and applied for White Shadows... Withdrew the first application, applied again, then denied because the applications had closed. He waited tagless until the White Shadows applications where open again, and then after about 2 months, they had opened. He had then re-applied and waited for a response. Duel was accepted into White Shadows on October 06, 2011 and stayed there until around January, then left to help rebuild Los Diablos.. Duel regretted leaving White Shadows, and had sent [WS]Paco(not Paco Ruiz) a personal message on the White Shadows forums about coming back to White Shadows, a day later, Paco replied and Duel was back in White Shadows. Few months went by when Duel left again on a 'un secure' decision, regretted it day after day, then rejoined.

"White Shadows is not a clan, its a family with players that play with their heart, respect and honesty. It was hard to leave White Shadows, they had always been there for me." - Duel

And, Duel was accepted as a moderator on March 12, 2012... Later promoted to a administrator on June 16, 2012.

Then around after his admin promotion there was a scuffle within White Shadows involving Duel and another ex-White Shadow. After a couple of days, Duel had enough and left White Shadows, then remained tagless for about 3-4 weeks.

After that, Zaila had confronted Duel about his interests about TeaM. After that discussion, about 3 to 4 days later Boromir confronted Duel personally and invited him into the TeaM MTA clan.. Duel made a decision to join, and to this day he does not regret accepting the invitation. "TeaM is a family, run by great leaders who listen and acknowledge members opinions. Great family with a huge and strong bond holding each other together."

There he is now, started as a player with no knowledge on how SA:MP works, and later after a few years of experience, he is an administrator.