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Brief Background

  • GiacJr is a user of the SA:MP Argonath RPG server.
  • He registered on the main argonath forums on the 14th April, 2007, although he had been playing for a couple of months before his registration on the forums.

A bit about him

  • GiacJr enjoys a variety of music, ranging from Rock to Techno. Some bands/artists he likes are:
    • DJ Tiesto
    • Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    • Blink 182
    • DJ Splash
    • Nirvana
    • AC/DC
    • Darude
    • Foo Fighters
    • Green Day

Current Status

  • Currently he is a level three SA-MP admin.
  • He is a Sergeant of the SAPD DPD.
  • He is currently an active training officer for the SAPD.

Admin History

GiacJr got accepted to the admin team on the 6th June 2007. This puts his admin experience to two years and counting. He got demoted four months ago to level one admin and kept level one admin for two months following behavioural issues involving fighting with other admins. GiacJr was inactive as admin from the 30th April 2008 to the 15th July 2008.

Cop History

After a brief life as a member of the DPD, the opportunity came up for him to become the Captain of the DPD following a collapse in leadership and structure. MrMe was appointed as Chief of the DPD and soon went inactive, placing GiacJr as the next in line for chief of the DPD, a title which he gracefully held for two months until the ARPD divisions of LSPD, LVPD, SFPD, DPD merged into the central command of SAPD. Once this occurred, he gained the position of Deputy Chief. This position was also brief, as after one month as this position real life issues kicked in, forcing GiacJr to be inactive for one to two months. Upon returning, the rank of Sergeant was bestowed and has been held ever since, despite opposition and contempt for being held down at his current rank. Recent actions by GiacJr have driven the SAPD Command Staff to initiate disciplinary actions. These actions were: Official SAPD warning for questioning command staffs decisions, demotion to officer, SWAT invitation removed. GiacJr courageously stepped up and admitted his wrong-doing and issued a public apology. Current rank is now Officer & Training officer.


GiacJr has gotten his rank of Sergeant back.

Clan History


The first clan GiacJr joined was the Parkour clan/group, run by Hakkapelita and Jellies. This broke away, approximately, on the 5th May 2007.


The second clan GiacJr joined was the Black Dragons group/gang, run by Tony_Dragons / Cross. It's unsure when exactly he got accepted, but the Dragons closed down on the 9th June 2007.

Mihail / Nikolai's Lounge Bar

The third group/clan GiacJr was part of was the Voodoo Lounge Vodka Bar, run by Nikolai and Mihail. Again, it's unsure when he joined, but he ragequit from the group on the 12th May 2007.

New Skills Clan

The fourth clan GiacJr joined was the New Skills clan, run by Watti. He made his application to join on the 14th May 2007, and got accepted on the 28th May 2007. He left on the 21st July 2007.

Rock Stars Clan

GiacJr made an application into the Rock Stars Clan, run by Aragorn and Gandalf, on the 14th May 2007. His topic is here. Recently, on the 15th August 2009, he pulled out his application due to joining Clan TeaM.

Radio DJ

GiacJr was Head DJ for the Argonath Radio in 2007. He first made his request topic on May 27th 2007.

He became Head DJ on the 23rd December 2007.

He officially resigned from Head DJ position on the 24th September 2008.


GiacJr created this clan along with Shifter back in 2007. GoA stood for Guns of Agility. The original topic is here and was made on the 1st July 2007.

Some of the members who were in GoA were:


On the 19th July 2007, Guns of Agility merged with _Dragons to form Dragons of Agility.

Some of the members who were in the DoA era:

  • Andre9977
  • MartenTest
  • MrMe
  • Fatboy_Rob (Hayden)
  • Rodriguez

The entire member list is available for viewing here. DoA officially shut down on the 14th August 2007.


Run by Marc, Chaozz and Rampage, Hard 2 Kill was GiacJr's 6th clan/group to be in. Their topic is here. GiacJr got accepted on the 17th August 2007. He left on the 28th August 2007.

The Priest Hood

Pope Kojak. Pope Shifter. 'nuff said. Applied on 20th December 2007. Got accepted ingame by Shifter the same day. The Priesthood became inactive starting from the 26th January 2008. Application is here.

Argonath RPG Medical Services

Group made by GiacJr and Hess on the 11th October 2008. Never officially shut down. Just died out. topic is here.


GiacJr's current clan/group. Website is here. TeaM is run by MIB / Boromir, JayL and Snake. He got invited into the clan on the 26th July 2009 and is a proud member of the clan to the current date.

Odd, strange, wacky history


GiacJr got married to [AV]Dave on the 2nd June 2007. The topic is here.

Post Milestones

  • 1000th post on the 3rd September 2007 here.
  • 1337th post on the 9th January 2008 here.
  • 4000th post on 13th November 2009 here.

More will come soon.