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[WS]Jacob (also known as Jacob Jones) joined Argonath in October 2011 on the SA-MP server. He is a Clan Council member for the White Shadows Clan serving for MTA:SA and SA:MP.


Current IG Name



Important dates


  • 2nd Oct - Joined SA-MP RPG server


  • 03 Mar - Applied for SA-MP FBI
  • 04 Mar - Changed name to Jacob_Jones
  • 20 May - Appointed Los Santos Driving School Manager
  • 24 Jun - Accepted as SA-MP FBI Academy Cadet
  • 10 Jul - Promoted to SA-MP FBI Field Cadet
  • 23 Aug - Applied for White Shadows
  • 02 Oct - One year anniversary! (SA:MP)
  • 03 Oct - Became a White Shadow - [WS]Jacob
  • 08 Nov - Promoted to SA-MP FBI Agent
  • 23 Dec - Promoted to SA-MP FBI Supervisory Special Agent


  • 26 Mar - Appointed SA-MP FBI Academy Chief
  • 30 Mar - Promoted to SA-MP FBI Special Agent In Charge
  • 04 Apr - Promoted to SA-MP FBI Division Assistant (current)
  • 06 May - Appointed to SA-MP FBI Internal Affairs Committee Member
  • 25 Nov - Resigned from all FBI positions
  • 14 Dec - Promoted to MTA:SA SFPD Sergeant
  • 16 Dec - Elected to Clan Council for the White Shadows Clan MTA:SA Division.

Criminal Era

An element which Jacob regrets entirely becoming a part of to most extents is his short period into criminal life. After being invited by a friend who was making a new criminal family Caliguri, Jacob hesitantly joined stating that he didn't want to be a police officer anymore - which deep down he knew was not the truth. As the name suggests Caliguri was based on an Italian crime family who were just starting out in Los Santos, looking to do business with the other more established gangs. This was during some of the first months of Jacob's experience within the world of Argonath so he needed someone to guide him around as the experience can be quite daunting for a new player who doesn't know anyone. It was for this reason partly that Jacob joined the family as he felt a sense of belonging which he wasn't able to accomplish whilst being on ARPD duty. Joining a criminal family was also an opportunity for Jacob to expand his roleplay into different areas away from law enforcement, which he had been doing for the majority of the time. Caliguri can also be accredited with giving Jacob the kick start he needed in the roleplay world which would eventually lead him on to become a White Shadow.

Members within Caliguri were able to fund Jacob's first car to make his very first steps on the server and even allowing him to purchase his first house, even if this was in terroritory of a gang which desperately wanted the house off his fingers badly to expand their influence within the area of El Corona. It was this introduction which has shaped Jacob into the player that he is even if he disliked the fact of being called a criminal. As part of Caliguri it involved Jacob roleplaying with other bigger families and it is this roleplay interaction with other gangs that stays as his favourite roleplay experience that he had whilst part of the family. It involved most criminal families coming together for a meetup to discuss and attempt to sort out relationships between themselves. Jacob had never been to this place before let alone see almost every criminal from every organisation on the server infront of his character's eyes. The meeting got off to a good start with Jacob being introduced by fellow Caliguri members to the look of the hasty criminals wanting to know who this new face was. After a brief discussion what looks to be a friendly dicussion turns into a battle between several sides. It is also the first time that Jacob sees a huge police response which assends into Downtown San Fierro attempting to halt the chaos which is ascending into the streets. Along with his associates, Jacob is able to escape the police following their vehicle and return back safely to the family residence in Rodeo opposite the Los Santos Fire Department.

Ultimately it was this incident which diverted Jacob from wanting to purse his criminal career further. After this point also sees the decline of the Caliguri family as a whole with several of its members leaving to move onto other careers. During this black period of the family, Jacob along with the remaining few sum of the family continue to go about the business of drug dealing with some small clients but never get big enough business. During his time in Caliguri however Jacob never ordered, collect or grew heroin or weed but instead watched other people doing it. This experience would come in handy for his future career but would also play a slight hindrance to him as well. It is at this time that his former colleagues from CID have applied for FBI and encourage Jacob to do so. At this point Jacob realises that the criminal path is not the route which he wants to continue his journey on and so leaves the Caliguri family as it closes several weeks later, unable to continue its operations.

So here starts the journey of Jacob with his new name of Jacob Jones as he builds himself into a respected officer in the hope that his application for the FBI will be accepted. Needless to say, numerous questions were raised about his past hence the reason he regrets this part of his Argonath story.


Law Enforcement



  • White Shadows - [WS]Jacob