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Hey guys, I'm Jonny Bravo also known as Jonny_OSullivan in SA:MP where I mainly play now, I am 18 years old and I'm from the UK.

I started playing Argonath late 2007 on the MTA:VC server where I made a few friends and joined the Sforza Mafia as HITSforza. I later left MTA:VC and began playing SA:MP on March 3rd 2008. For some reason which I don't remember I chose to use the name Jonny_Bravo. I then joined a mafia named Dachi where I learnt most of the basic rules and how to play. I took and passed both my passport and driving test and then set out to make money to buy my dream car... A Uranus. Weird I know. But back in 2008 there was only a certain amount of cars available to purchase and this Uranus was the one which was cheap enough for a poor guy like me.

About a month later I left Dachi and applied for SAPD. This is where I had the greatest moments and the best memories in my life on Argonath. As a Cadet I was trained by a player called Matthew_McBride and to this day we are still friends. I passed my SAPD exam first time and was promoted to an Officer. After around 3 to 4 months of being an Officer I was called to LVPD by James Hunter and CBFasi. They took me to the underground car park and I was thinking to myself that I had done something wrong. But in fact I didn't do anything wrong. I had done good enough to earn myself an invite into SWAT. We had some really fun times together, we were like a family and the most elite group of cops in SAPD. I don't even remember one operation where we failed. This was all down to James Hunter the best SWAT Commander Argonath has and will ever have.

By being in such an elite group as it was I did not go unnoticed, I was soon promoted to Senior Officer and then a few months later I became a Sergeant. I became second in Command of SWAT and earned many accolades. I got selected to become a Moderator which I was very proud of. But unfortunately as time went on in Argonath things began to go downhill for SAPD. People went inactive and things changed within SAPD. It went from a major high to a major low. I soon left SAPD and joined The Corleone Mafia of which I am still a part of now.

Four years ago I would never have seen myself as I am now. It's such a nice feeling to be a part of such a great community for so long. I've had my highs and I've had my lows and I continue to grow and make friends here. It's been such a fun time and it still is fun being here. But it wouldn't be this fun without the players who had made my time here as good as it has been. So I thank them so much for taking me in as a friend and I'm not going to forget those people for a long time.

They include: Matthew_McBride, James_Hunter, CBFasi, the old SWAT guys (Mahome, Oliver, Alan_White, Cane, Pancher and Vince), xcasio, The Corleone guys and The Sforza Mafia. I know there are a lot more of you that play a big part in my time here but if I continued the list, it would go on forever.

So that's a little about my time in Argonath, I have missed a few points out but I think it's for the best that they weren't included.

Thanks for reading, Jonny.

Current status

  • SA:MP Administrator
  • Argonath Radio Manager.
  • APRD Air Division Sergeant.