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Nadim Jones

General Informations

Ingame name: Jay Gatsby
Residence: Second Island / The triangle
Current groups and Position:

  • Gatsby Family Founder
  • IVMP EMS Chief
  • IVMP FBI Special Agent
  • IVMP Moderator
  • IVMP WIKI Editor

Date of Joining: June 12, 2016

My story in Liberty City

Once i came to liberty city i got interacted with criminals and gangs because i was focusing on getting cars and money but with time i released that changing to the good side would be a better way to discover and go deeper in the server so i decided to apply for Liberty City Police Department to stop the crimes and the production of drugs arms etc... My winning card was about knowing the details or dealers and common places which helped a lot once i join the academy and becomes a detective with a very high experience in the fields and with a knowledge in Police job so lets say the department was the biggest step that changed me to be who i am now. After a couple months nearly a year. I admired how the bureau work so decided to give it try and go through diffrent type of tasks. Here i am now a special agent.