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Hype joined the Argonath RPG community in August 2011. He currently holds the Administrator position on the VC:MP server.

Hype initially joined the Licavoli Family during his first months, but eventually left due to general group inactivity. He came back around May 2012 and occasionally visited the server. Hype then joined the Downtown Cougars in late 2012, where he spent most of his time as a regular along the likes of Stalker and AlanShadow. The group disbanded in January 2016, after which he joined the Vice City Police Department and was recruited by Salmonella, along with Stalker, in the Argonath Veterans clan. Hype was instated as a Moderator on July 16, 2016.

Hype left the Argonath Veterans clan in May 2018 and joined the Eighth Avenue Furies shortly after.

Hype, along with Han, have become rather popular within the VC:MP section of Argonath due to their hao to and Paly of VCMP video series, in which they showcase moments, fails and events from the server.