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General Information

In-Game name: [R*]Twenty / [Rstar]Twenty

Joined: 29th of October, 2008

Place of Residence: Steinway, Liberty City

Profile: Twenty's Profile


Twenty bought a plane ticket towards Los Santos on the 28th of October, 2008. After getting used to the busy life in San Andreas it was time to join the law force for the first time. After serving the LSPD for some time, Twenty decided to apply for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2009. Twenty got promoted in a short time to Division Chief, and served the FBI as that rank for over a year.

Tho Twenty appeared to be a bad driver. Many car crashes and weird accidents happend in Los Santos and they could all be linked to this particular person. It's license even got revoked some time, but Twenty kept driving nevertheless.

In 2010 Twenty saw an advertisement about Liberty City, a city full of dreams. Twenty bought a plane ticket to Liberty City to check it out, and everything started normally as a holiday. After connecting with people and gaining alot of friends, Twenty decided to buy a house and pendle between Los Santos and Liberty City. Twenty joined the law in Liberty City in 2010, and got promoted to Captain in no-time.

After serving as Captain, Agent and Officer, Twenty decided to take a break in 2012, and buy a ticket to Vice City. Twenty went on a holiday for 4 years and returned last year, 2015.

After serving the law in Liberty City, Twenty got promoted back to Lieutenant and NOOSE Operative in 2016. In Los Santos Twenty decided not to serve the police force again, and remain a lawfull citizen.

In the return of 2016 Twenty got accepted to a member group, called 'The Rockstars'. Twenty has been serving the community ever since.

Looking forward to seeing you ingame!