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General Information

In-game name: Younes

Previous names: [Apt]Younes, Dean_Genovese, Gregory Parker, [TCL]Younes.

Forum profile link

Ranks & Positions

San Andreas Police Department - Chief of Police.

SA:MP Administrator.

Argonath Wiki Editor.

Argonath RPG United Nations Advisor.

Previous Ranks & Positions

Liberty City Police Department Deputy Chief.

Crime Investigation Unit Inspector.

Citizens of Liberty (COL) Administrator.

Liberty City Fire Department Battalion Chief.


Younes has joined the Argonath RPG community in 2014. The first server he has played in was the IV:Multiplayer. His first interest was joining the Liberty City Police Department, however due to his incompetence in English and roleplay, the process has taken way longer for him.

After several attempts and applications, Younes has successfully joined the Liberty City Police Department under the lead of Deputy Chief Mihail Junkovic and Chief of Police Charles F. Offdensen (Kerbe). After undergoing his police academy and courses given by the LCPD, he has shown interest in the department and had managed to work his way up in the department and improve himself especially with the language. After a couple of years, Younes has reached the rank of a Captain. He was then still under the supervision of Chief of Police Offdensen. A new year ceremony was made, and an announcement by the Chief and the Deputy Chief of police to resign from their position, and new leaders to be appointed to the department.. Younes had been promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief Of police alongside the Chief of Police Twenty. After serving the department for months, Younes has decided to resign from all his positions within the IV:MP server and move on to the SA:MP, which he had already been playing for a while and had been a member of the SAPD under multiple leadership changes.

Younes had decided to focus on his SA:MP career and had successfully managed to work his way up in the department and climb the career ladder and become a Chief of Police. Younes is serving until now as the Chief of Police of the San Andreas Police Department.

Clan History

Younes had been a member of only a few clans and only one family during his stay in the Argonath community. His first clan was the Aperture Laboratories which operated in the IV:MP server. The clan was a scientific clan and used to do unique roleplays in the server, and Younes's stay in the clan was a great one for him. After some time, he has joined the Genovese Crime Family when it was firstly founded with a friend of his, but he then chose to leave it for various reasons mainly because it's a crime family while he has refused to become one. After a couple of years, Younes had been introduced to The Crimson Legacy clan, which he had not known about. His friend, Pokedude had talked to him about the clan and he had then began getting closer to the clan until he's decided to apply for. Younes had been a member of the clan for three years, from 2015 until 2018 where he had left it in the month of March.