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General Information

  • Forum Name: Zaila
  • Ingame Name: TeaM_Zaila / Zaila

Current Status

  • ArgonathRPG Minecraft Community leader and head developer
  • ArgonathRPG SA:MP Admin

Admin History

Zailas got his first moderator position on MTA:VC where he was invited to join by TeaM-Snake in April 2010. Since Zaila never applied to become a moderator there, all this was a suprise but he gladly accepted it. In the end of September 2010, TeaM-Snake promoted him to Admin. On third October 2010, Zaila saw that Aragorn announced a new moderator wave on SA:MP. Zaila clicked on the topic and saw a great suprise in the list. He could see that he was accepted as a moderator! The months went by and in June 2010, he found himself invited to a conversation with Cutt3r and other moderators and soon found out he was promoted.

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