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Arlogo150.png This page is an official Argonath Wiki policy.
This is a widely accepted standard that editors should follow. Changes to it must be approved by administrators.

While the Argonath Wiki is a few things, like a repository for information regarding anything Argonath-related and a collaborative project, there are many things the Wiki is not.

The Wiki is not a speakerbox
The Wiki is a collaborative effort to bring together all of Argonath's known knowledge. It is not a place to rant about the admins that banned you in a server, how the community sucks and how you want to leave, your public apologies or leaving, or about how your favorite football team won the World Cup. Please do so on the forum, not here.
The Wiki is not a social network nor a personal Web site
While the system allows users to create their own personal pages, it is advised not to fill them with large amounts of content. Include only the information that you find relevant. Note that you yourself are responsible for the content on your user page.
The Wiki is not strictly a Grand Theft Auto wiki
Information about locations within game worlds and certain game functions that are used in roleplay can be added. However, information about game characters, weapons, glitches, bugs, etc. are not needed here, and should be avoided. Game plot summaries are especially bad, as they could spoil gameplay for others (spoilers) and are not needed on a wiki for a community focused on inventive roleplay.
The Wiki is not an anarchy
Although any editor (which is anyone who applies) can freely edit the wiki, it is not a free-for-all. There are policies set in place, and there are administrators and other editors watching out to make sure that everything is running smoothly, so if you plan to replace the main page with high-resolution trollfaces, consider yourself warned.
The Wiki is not a democracy
Likewise, the Wiki is not a democracy. Consensus and discussion are helpful in many cases. However, like any server's ideas board, just because an idea or revision is popular doesn't mean it can, will, or should be made. The ultimate authority is the administrators, and their word is final.
The Wiki, like Argonath, is not compulsory
Having an editor rank does not mean you are forced to edit. It does not mean you are required to do any work (although we highly encourage it), and it does not mean that if you're a staff member for a server, you must write about that server only. You're encouraged to take breaks whenever needed or leave at any time, and you are also encourage to write about any server you wish, even if you don't specialize in it. Always remember that the editor rank is a formality against spam.

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