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Bohan is one of the five boroughs in Liberty City. It's the smallest major island in the state, only containing 7 of the city's 65 individual neighborhoods with only four accessible businesses. Bohan is located in the north-east of Liberty City.


Bohan in terms of financial state is poor and the most deprived of the five boroughs in Liberty City. It mainly consists of run-down housing projects and derelict squalor housing. South Bohan and Fortside are the best examples of this type of location. Whilst there is often evidence of gentrification in other deprived districts across Liberty City there is very little evidence of it in these neighborhoods. Though Fortside is of also Bohan's largest but still small sized commercial district.

Chase Point and Bohan Industrial generally consist of abandoned warehouses and archaic docking facilities, serving as Bohan's declining industrial districts. Prostitution is very common in these districts, far more so than anywhere else in Liberty City. Street prostitutes can be found congregating on many street corners during the nighttime. Also, at night, muggers and street thugs will roam freely.

Northern Gardens is a slightly less deprived area with considerable green space and a beach in its northern limits, there still, are many Homeless People that thrive on it. It provides Bohan's Policing and Medical Services. The major function of the neighborhood is its housing of the Northern Gardens Projects which is one of Liberty City's largest housing estates. The projects' main complex shows signs of gentrification with the presence of small convenience shops and comparatively modern housing facilities. The police station is directly connected to Northern Gardens Projects by means of a short staircase, presumably to allow for an improved police presence and more effective response to crime.

Boulevard is Bohan's largest district and contains considerable parkland, green space and a beach in its northern limits. Boulevard is the safest and least deprived of the seven districts. The areas to the south of the district are more urban in character and are focused around the Grand Boulevard thoroughfare. Little Bay is in the east of Bohan and is the borough's smallest locale. It contains low-rise apartment housing and could be considered one of the borough's safer and less deprived areas.

The population of Bohan are mainly of a Hispanic-Spanish nationality; this population trend is particularly concentrated around Puerto Rican South Bohan and Dominican Fortside. Other ethnic enclaves include the predominant African-American demographic of Northern Gardens and an Eastern European Albanian presence in Little Bay, as there is also to have been and still currently known presence of the Italian Mafia.

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