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Server under development. III:MP Discord GTA: Connected Homepage

III:MP on the GTA: Connected client is one of the many GTA multiplayer servers available on Argonath RPG. It is a free multiplayer game modification for the PC versions of Grand Theft Auto: III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV, and Grand Theft Auto: EFLC. Argonath RPG's GTA: Connected team currently manages and develops a GTA:III server.

III:MP Groups and Organizations
United States: United States Government, United States Congress, United States Mint, Supreme Court of the United States, U.S. Federal Bar
State of Liberty: Liberty State Government, Liberty State Judiciary, Liberty State Bar, Department of Motor Vehicles, Liberty City Sanitation Department
Law Enforcement: Liberty City Police Department, U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Special Weapons and Tactics
Emergency Services: Fire Department of Liberty City
Mafias / Gangs: TBA
Other: United States Republican Party