III:MP State Government

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III-MP Seal of the Government of the State of Liberty.png

About the Liberty State Government

The Liberty State Government consists of various cities and municipalities, notably Liberty City. The Liberty City Government consists of the Mayor of Liberty City and the Deputy Mayor. The State Government's primary headquarters is also the Liberty City Government's primary HQ - the City Hall on Staunton Island.

Liberty City Government

Mayor of Liberty City

Deputy Mayor of Liberty City

State Government Headquarters
City Hall, 15143 Staunton Island, Liberty City.

III:MP Groups and Organizations
United States: United States Government, United States Congress, United States Mint, Supreme Court of the United States, U.S. Federal Bar
State of Liberty: Liberty State Government, Liberty State Judiciary, Liberty State Bar, Department of Motor Vehicles, Liberty City Sanitation Department
Law Enforcement: Liberty City Police Department, U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, Special Weapons and Tactics
Emergency Services: Fire Department of Liberty City
Mafias / Gangs: TBA
Other: United States Democratic Party