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Seal of Liberty City Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Liberty City Federal Bureau of Investigation or IV:MP FBI is a division of the Argonath Federal Bureau of Investigation within the ARPD, based in the region of Liberty City. It is one of the newest FBI Divisions. The FBI in itself is an Elite Division of Law Enforcers, differing from their police counterparts, not only in their assignments but also in their structure and methods.

Objectives & Priorities

As part of the Argonath FBI, the IV:MP FBI is an Elite Law Enforcement Organization vested with the power to use whatever force is necessary in order to protect the state and citizens of Argonath. The top priority of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is to protect and safeguard the United States of Argonath in order to ensure that its honest citizens can live in a safe environment free of the worries brought about by criminal elements, as well as enforcing all criminal laws of the United States of Argonath. To accomplish its goal, the Bureau has all the necessary means and resources of the State at its disposal.


How to join the IV:MP FBI:

  • Fill in the application form in this board. Registration Required!
  • Answer any subsequent questions honestly, truthly, and maintain activity on the server.
  • If you are accepted, you will undergo training as a Cadet before becoming a full-fledged FBI Agent.

Members and Related Info

The IV:MP FBI is currently headed by its Commander, Senate.

A complete member list can be found here.

Argonath Federal Bureau of Investigation
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