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About FDLC

The FDLC, also known as the Liberty City Fire Department, is the State of Libery City' official and only existing Fire Prevention and Response authority. Responding to all fires and medical calls, the Liberty City Fire Department is one of several divisions of the ARFD. The Liberty City Fire Department is a state-wide agency.


Joining the FDLC is very easy. Simply check the stickied information topics posted at the FDLC Applications board, and they will provide all the needed information to make an application for employment with the FDLC. If you have any questions pertaining to the process, you may also contact any Command Staff member of the IV:MP FDLC for more information.


FDLC currenlty consists of the following ranks. Staff list including members can be found here.

  • Fire Battalion Chief
  • Public Safety Director
  • Company Chief
  • Fire Captain
  • Fire Lieutenant
  • Paramedic
  • EMT
  • Engineer
  • Firefighter
  • Fire Cadet
  • Medical Trainee

Argonath RPG Fire Department
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