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Red County is an area located just outside of Los Santos in the State of San Andreas. In contrast to the dangerous streets of Los Santos, Red County bears a surprising number of country folk. In addition to a horse betting parlor in Montgomery, there are also tractors, lawnmowers, and country-style trucks to steal and drive in. There is also a police station in Red County, particularly in Dillimore; other locations unique to the Dillimore are the local Pay'n'Spray and the gas station. Blueberry, on the other hand, is famous for having a large agrocultural area along with a number of small stores. Palomino Creek is mainly a residential area, with only a few stores and diners. All of these four towns are also known for having an Ammu-Nation.

The county has four towns: Palomino Creek, Montgomery, Blueberry and Dillimore.



Blueberry is a moderately sized town located in the northwestern portion of Red County, San Andreas. Blueberry sits near Fern Ridge, Blueberry Acres (hence the name), The Panopticon, Hampton Barns and the town of Montgomery. To the immediate south of this is the FleischBerg brewery, whose motto, "Making Life Mean Something Since 1869", stands out prominently underneath its logo. Blueberry is like any other town in Red County; businesses and residences can be found anywhere.



Dillimore is a relatively small town located in Red County, just a short distance from northern Los Santos, San Andreas. The town is complete with numerous residences, businesses and a Police Headquarters. Dillimore has the most businesses in comparison with other towns in Red County, including barber shops, diners, a gas station, a gun shop and several other stores.



Montgomery is a town located in northern Red County, just 3 miles from Bone County, San Andreas. It is immediately adjacent to the Montgomery Intersection, and sits between Las Venturas to the north and Los Santos to the south, along the major highway connecting these two cities.

Palomino Creek

Palomino Creek.jpg

Palomino Creek is a moderately sized town in the State of San Andreas. It is located in the northeastern portion of Red County, San Andreas. It is home to a bank (which has experienced numerous robberies) and Hanky Panky Point, a popular destination for amorous teenage couples and voyeuristic onlookers. Palomino Creek is named after the creek that runs alongside it.

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