SA-MP Game modifications: reminder

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If players check the Rules it clearly says: Cheats, mods and hacks are not allowed. This to avoid that people will start telling that this is based on 'unwritten' rules.

SA-MP Game modifications: reminder

As we can not go in to the computer of our players and see what is in there, over the years we have always had the position that any visual only mod is no problem to use. But as usual, it seems that players are giving their own interpretation to this and have started to expand beyond the lines of what they should be doing.

Now first of all, we have here some heavily modded games with even underground tunnels and sky bridges. And car models that are great looking, player models changed and all. But we do not use it for multiplayer, and with a very good reason.

When you change the skin (and by that I mean the skin of the model, the TXD file) it is permitted as nothing is done to the model itself. But when the model is changed, weird things start to happen. The thing is that SA:MP bases collision detection on the GTA:SA game, and when you change the model the collision detection changes as well. This has consequences that your game is sending different signals as the standard game, and on your screen things look different as on the screen of a standard game.

This can give you an advantage as well as a disadvantage, but in any case should be avoided, as it can cause misunderstandings between players and extra work for admins, as well as problems for the server.

These are some of the problems:

  • Server lag
If you are using a lot of high-poly modifications, objects in your game start loading slower. As a result not only your PC is giving back information slower, but this can influence the server as a whole. It is no use for us to fight server lag is our players create it.
  • Misunderstandings
Because you run a modded vehicle of a different size, other vehicles are ramming you while they say they do not. Or you are as cop ramming another vehicle and it does not take damage (HACKER!!!!!).
  • Invulnerability
If you change a model so you get a direct advantage like being almost unable to be hit by bullets it is a straight ban.

Now that you know the problems, you probably understand why this rule has been in effect since the first day (as there were GREAT mods for GTA:VC in 2006 already). For those who will say it limits 'roleplay': We are playing in the GTA world. By using your own world models you are distantiating yourself from that. They may look better, but RP is never the visual effect you see on screen.

As said in the beginning we can not crawl in to your computer. So it is still your own responsibility. However if you feel you should use vehicle model modifications, think of the following:

Vehicle modifications

  • ; Cop role
You can NEVER suspect or pull over for ramming as you can not detect if they rammed on a game without modification.
You can NEVER attempt to stop others by ramming in a chase as it can create misunderstandings.
You can NEVER suspect or pull over people for vandalizing your car, as you can not be sure if they hit or shot at it in a game without modification.
You can NEVER claim lag to get out of punishment as you have knowingly caused it.
  • ; Criminal role
You can NEVER deny being suspected or pulled over for ramming as it may have happened on a game without modifications.
You can NEVER report people for hacks of not taking damage to their car.
You can NEVER claim lag to get out of punishment.

If you do, expect that YOU are the one being punished.

Player model modifications

Expect to be banned if you are not taking normal damage.

If you wish to claim lag as reason for ban, you will have to provide a screenshot and a detailed configuration of your game PC as well as internet connection to be unbanned, as well as give managers the right to check this by remote access through TeamViewer or similar programs.

While we enjoys mods, if we use them for a video or movie we use a special server for it.


No mods allowed except purely visual txd changes. Any change of vehicle model, object or player model can cause you to be banned if found it gives you a (dis)advantage. Besides that, your own experience will deteriorate as you will land in unnecessary discussions about lag or hacks.