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San Andreas Multiplayer is one of the many clients supported by Argonath RPG. SA:MP is a free multi-player game modification for the PC version of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Argonath's SA:MP server was opened in February 2007, and significantly raised the community's population for many years to come. Argonath SA:MP is known for friendly players, helpful and fair administrators and overall, its great community environment.

Nowadays, people still flock to play and enjoy the Argonath experience. San Andreas Multiplayer guarantees that you will not be disappointed and is great for both first time and experienced players. The server is always open, and welcomes new players who are looking for a new home. There are a few successful role-play servers out there, but Argonath RPG has established itself as one of the best, anyone can join our great community and enjoy all of its benefits.

Argonath SA:MP Groups and Organizations
Branches of Government: San Andreas State Government, San Andreas Judiciary
Law Enforcement and Emergency: San Andreas Police Department, FBI San Andreas Division, SWAT, San Andreas Fire Department
Other Government Agencies and Services: Argonath Road Administration, Air Traffic Control, San Fierro Driving School, SmartDrive Driving School
Civilian Groups and Businesses: Collin Family, Foreigners, Indus Dealership, Kolta Family, Losco Inc., SanTV, Svensson Agricultural Association
Criminal Organizations: Angels of Death MC, Casalesi, The Continental, Flint Liberation Army, Varrios Los Aztecas
Official and Recognized Groups: Rock Stars Clan, Flint Liberation Army, San Andreas Television
Other: Closed Groups