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JDC's current avatar

[R*]JDC/[Rstar]JDC is an Argonath player who serves as Manager of Argonath RPG SA:MP, member of the Rock Stars Clan, and current Pope of the Holy Church of Argonath.

Argonath RPG

JDC first joined Argonath RPG in April 2008 on the MTA:VC server, before moving to SA:MP in around July 2008.

Administrative Career


  • Moderator and Administrator (2009-10, 2011-13, 2014)
  • Administrator (May-July 2021)
  • Manager (July 2021-Present)

SA:MP Stunt

  • Moderator, Administrator, and Manager for Administration (2012-13)

Group Membership

Current Groups

In addition to his current affiliations, JDC is also an advisor or associate of several groups, both as part of and independent from his current role as SA:MP Manager.

Former Groups