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Klaus is a current Argonath RPG VC:MP Division Leader and has been actively serving in the administration since 2008. It was Mex who had given Klaus his moderator rights on February 13th 2008, and was then promoted to Administrator by Iceboy a few weeks later on April 1st 2008. He was later promoted to Manager by Ronnel on July 15th 2008. As a Manager, Klaus worked alongside other Managers such as Dexter, Solidje, aXXo, and Kessu. Klaus has been demoted from his position as VC:MP Manager on three occasions, being readmitted as Manager twice, however is now serving as an Administrator.

Having first joined Argonath RPG in late 2007, Klaus has remained an active player since and is one of the oldest veterans deriving from Argonath's VC:MP community. Consequently, Klaus has gained vast knowledge of the multiplayer client and has an excellent understanding of its unique concept and gameplay. Klaus is also notably the longest-running player to be a part of the VC:MP Administration team. In respect to this, Klaus has contributed greatly to the servers successes over the years. Klaus was always known to have had a strong vision on how the Argonath VC:MP server should be, which started many debates and arguments among members of the community to if it followed the original Argonath vision correctly. Some have taken a dislike to his morals and personality, while others are in favor of it. Either way, Klaus successfully managed the server for over 6 years going by his vision.

Klaus led the notorious group the Eighth Avenue Furies who had become known as one of the most controversial groups within the community due to their ethnics. The Eighth Avenue Furies have remained one of the strongest and is the longest running clan/group to be founded within Argonath's VC:MP community with Klaus playing a large part in their success as a group. He first created the Eighth Avenue Furies on March 1st 2008 alongside his close friend Axel. Klaus would remain leader of the Eighth Avenue Furies until departing on April 24th 2008. He would later regroup with the Eighth Avenue Furies on June 28th 2009, after spending a brief stint as a member of TeaM. Reprising his role as leader, Klaus spent a further seven years in the Eighth Avenue Furies until departing once more on June 12th 2016.

Soon after leaving the Eighth Avenue Furies, Klaus created the Ninth Avenue Razors on June 27th 2016. The group have already become hugely successful and have created a strong reputation throughout the community.

Klaus is also a popular radio host on Argonath Radio actively airing his hard rock and heavy metal-themed show since late 2010. Building a strong fan base Klaus has been awarded with the "DJ of the Month" award several times.

Ingame Nickname: [NAR]Klaus

Email: [email protected]