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FBI Director Kowalski

Kowalski is an Argonath player and member of HQ, currently a Manager of the Argonath RPG III:MP server, VC:MP FBI Director, and Webmaster of the Argonath RPG Fire Department forums. On III:MP, Kowalski goes by Mark Stevens.

Argonath RPG

Kowalski first joined Argonath RPG in July 2016, starting on IV:MP before joining VC:MP in late 2017 and SA:MP at the start of 2019. Kowalski is around and has played on all Argonath servers with the exception of MTA:SA and MTA:VC.

Administrative Career

Argonath RPG III:MP

  • Manager (October 2020 - Present)

Argonath Web Team

  • ARFD Webmaster (January 2022 - Present)
  • Groups & Families Board Moderator (December 2019 - Present)

Group Membership

Current Groups

Former Groups