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Using a cellphone

  • Type /call [number] to call another cellphone.
    • Look at "Managing Devices" if you own more than one cellphone for a guide how to use multiple cellphones.

  • You must wait for the other person to answer the phone by typing /pickup
    • Or simply type /hangup if you are tired of waiting or want to end the conversation.

  • Once the person you are calling picks up his phone, the server will automatically switch your chatmode to the phone conversation.
    • This means anything you type on the chat window will be sent to the player you are talking to via cellphone.

  • You can also call public services:
    • /call 911 HELP! My car is on fire! (This will alert medics, firemans and cops).
    • /call mechanic (This will alert all mechanics ingame).
    • /call taxi (This will alert all taxi drivers in game).

  • Calling public services will automatically trace your location and cellphone number.

Sending a text message

  • Use /sms [number] [message]
    • Example: /sms 9999 Hey there, how are you?

Using an CB radio

  • Type /joinchannel [channel number 2 - 30000) to turn your citizen band radio on.
    • If you have more than one CB, you can use /joinchannel [channel number] [cb id] (use /invent to find the correct CB ID).

  • Use /cb [message] to talk in the citizen band radio channel.
    • You can also use /chatmode [cb] to talk directly on the radio without using /cb.
    • Check who is listening to this radio frequency by typing /cbusers.

  • In case you get bored of listening to people talking, you can turn it off by using /cboff [cb id]
    • The /area command is available for CB radios. It allows you to track everyone in the same CB frequency.

Managing devices

  • Using /setdefault [phone or cb] [item id] will define which phone or CB the server will use for /call or /cb.
    • Example: Type /invent
  Money: 22033$  
  (0)Passport, (1)Cellphone: 3000, (2)Cellphone: 6000, (3)CB: 5, (4)CB: 333  

  • Defining a default phone:
    • By using /setdefault phone 2 the server is going to use the cellphone with number 6000 for everytime you use /call.

  • Defining a default CB:
    • By using /setdefault cb 4 the server is going to use the CB on frequency 333 everytime I use /cb.

  • Using a default item won't disable others, that means you will still be able to get phone calls on every phone you have.

Using a GPS

The examples below will add a red marker on your map.

  • Examples
    • /gps mycar
    • /gps businessname
    • You can also use /gps for a menu with locations.