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About Garages

  • There are three types of garages:
    • Cars only.
    • Cars and helicopters.
    • Boats only.

  • All garages have the following:
    • A storage limit.
    • Custom storage mode.

Storage modes

A garage owner is able of changing it's storage mode at any time by typing /garagemode [mode].

  • Available modes:
    • Personal
      • Example: /garagemode personal
      • It allows players to store their vehicles, but a player will be only allowed to load his own vehicles.

    • All
      • Example: /garagemode all
      • Players are allowed to store their vehicles and to load all vehicles parked inside the garage regardless of who owns it.

Buying a garage

  • Note that a passport is required to own a garage.
  • Garages are usually part of a house or business, but they can be sold separately (an aircraft hangar for example).

  • Stand near a building.
  • Type /building for more garage details such as the price.

  • Note that picture 1 (Carrier) is a business and pictures 2 and 3 are normal buildings.
    • For businesses use /buybusiness.
    • For other buildings (houses and garages) use /buyproperty.

Selling a garage

  • Stand near it's building (you must own the building), or go inside the building if it is an apartment.
  • Use /sellbusiness or /sellproperty (depending on what type of building it is).

Storing a vehicle

If the vehicle you are using is not yours, then you are only allowed to store the vehicle where you have loaded it.

  • Park your vehicle at the garage position.
    • You can use /garagepos to see the garage position.

  • Stand near a building you own or have access (the green marker), or go inside the building if it's an apartment.
    • Type /storevehicle

The location where /storevehicle has been used.

The location where the vehicle has been stored.

Loading a vehicle

  • Store your current vehicle (if any is loaded).
  • Stand near a building you own or have access to (the green marker), or go inside the building if it's an apartment.

  • Type /loadvehicle to visualize a list of vehicles parked in the garage.
  322: Turismo, Owner: Armelin, Fuel: 87  
  323: Maverick, Owner: Senate, Fuel: 100  

  • Type /loadvehicle [vehicleid] to load the vehicle you want.
    • In this example using /loadvehicle 322 would have loaded a Turismo, owned by Armelin.

  • What happens to the vehicle after I leave the game or crash?
    • If you own the vehicle:
      • It will spawn at the last position you left it once you log in.

    • If you don't own the vehicle:
      • It will go back to the garage where it was loaded.