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Scripted Events are activities performed by multiple players for rewards such as cash or weapons.


Mini-missions are some of the most common scripted events in the server. They require at least two civilians and two cops to start. A successful mini-mission will grant the participants who finish the objective an amount of cash. The cooldown for mini-missions is two hours.

Washed Up

The Washed Up mini-mission invloves crates washing up on the shores of Vice City. They can be picked up by using /pickcrate, which requires two people. Once picked up, the crate must then be brought to the Drug Factory in Little Haiti for a substantial amount of cash, and if picked by two cops, brought to the Washington Beach Police Department to be confiscated.

Pirate's Treasure

Pirate's Treasure is a mini-mission which plays almost exactly like Washed Up. In this case, the crate will spawn either at the sea shacks in Vice Port or the drug island west of Downtown. The crate is picked up by using /pickcrate, which requires two people. If the crate is picked by two civilians with a cop in the vicinity, the civilians will be automatically suspected. Once picked up, the crate must then be brought to a Jewellery Store for a substantial amount of cash, and if picked by two cops, brought to the Washington Beach Police Department to be confiscated.

Diamond Heist

Diamond Heist is a mini-mission that involves the robbery of one of the three jewellery stores in Vice City. These are located in Downtown, Vice Point and North Point Mall. The heist team must assemble at the specified jewellery store and, once ready, use the /robjewelshop command to start. If a cop is in the vicinity, all the participants will be auto-suspected.

After the mini-mission starts, the team will have to defend the store for as long as possible ( up to five minutes ) in order to earn more cash. The heisters will then have to make a run for the Vice Port Warehouse in order to sell their haul.

Armored Truck

Armored Truck is a mini-mission that involves the escort of a Securicar van filled with bearer bonds. The Securicar is located in the parking lot of V.A.J Finance in Downtown. Cops will have to drive the Securicar behind the El Banco Corrupto Grande bank in Little Havana, while criminals will have to ambush the cops and steal the truck (a cop has to enter the Securicar first), then drive it to the 8-Ball garage in Vice Port. Once there, the bonds must be unloaded by two people using the /unloadtruck <explode/lockpick> command.

The Securicar can be breached by criminals either with explosives (four are required), which allows for the truck to be immediately unloaded (albeit for a lower monetary reward), or can be lockpicked, which requires the criminal to stand still for 20 seconds, after which the cargo is unloaded.


Smuggling is a scripted event which involves transporting illegal goods across Vice City in a Yacht. Players have to assemble at Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez's Yacht, which can be located either at Ocean Bay Marina or at the Lighthouse in Ocean Beach. At least three smugglers and two cops are required to start the voyage. The cooldown for smuggling is three hours.

Players can be added to the smuggling team by using the /addsmuggle <ID/name> command. Once ready, the smuggle can be started by using the /smuggle command. The participants will be automatically suspected. The smugglers will then have to defend the yacht from the police. The voyage ends either at the Little Haiti Docks or the Downtown Docks, depending on the smuggle's starting point. Those who make it to the end will receive one of the following:

  • A weapon of either tier 1, 2, 3 or 4 ( check the table below )
  • A discount code for one of the following: property purchase, vehicle purchase, stock purchase, cocaine order, heroin order
  • 20 Explosives
  • 20 Seeds

Weapon Reward Table

Tier Weapon Ammo
1 Bulldog Shotgun 300
1 M14 500
1 FN FAL 500
1 Desert Eagle 450
2 Kurz MP5 500
2 AK47 500
2 Stubby Shotgun 300
2 Grenade 15
3 M4 500
3 M60 500
3 SPAS-12 300
3 Molotov Cocktail 25
4 Laser Sniper 210
4 RPG 10
4 Flamethrower 500
4 Remote Grenade 15


Heist is a scripted event which involves breaching the cash vault of El Banco Corrupto Grande in Little Havana for a large amount of cash. Heists can only be performed under the supervision of an administrator, who has to enable the event. At least four robbers are required. The amount of robbers cannot exceed the amount of cops.

If the heist event is enabled, players can be added to the heist team by using the /addheist <ID/name> command. They will then have to head to the bank with 5 Explosives, which will be required in order to breach the vault, accessible via an elevator upstairs. The heist can be started by walking into a marker located near the vault with the explosives. All the participants will then be automatically suspected.

The explosives will detonate after five minutes, which leaves room for roleplay interaction or combat between the heisters and the law enforcement. After the vault is breached, the heisters can then enter the vault to pick up cash bags, capping at $50,000 per player. They will then have to evade the police successfully in order to keep the rewards.