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Community-wide Rules

  • No flaming (insulting/swearing) towards other players (personal attack).
  • Pornographic content (including distribution and discussion) is not allowed.
  • Sharing cheats or such is not allowed.
  • Discussion regarding "sensitive" topics such as personal matters, religion, politics are not encouraged in most cases.
  • Attempts to avoid or ignore administration punishment aren't allowed in any way.

VC:MP Specific Rules

  • Deathmatching is prohibited on the server.
    • Killing players without a valid roleplay reason is not allowed. Killing (or attacking) players randomly, or under one-sided roleplay conditions are not permitted.
    • Killing in self defence is allowed.
  • Vehicle killing and intentional ramming are not allowed.
    • Do not use vehicles to hit or kill players intentionally. An exception may be to stun (within a roleplay situation) someone; such as the police may stun a fleeing criminal, but may not use a vehicle to kill.
  • Vehicle to vehicle ramming is tolerated in ongoing roleplay situations, if relevant.
  • Drive-by is not allowed against players on foot, but is acceptable in vehicle vs vehicle scenarios when roleplay is present.
    • Drive-by from Faggio, Sanchez, PCJ-600, Freeway and Angel is disallowed. Drive-bying the mentioned bikes is also disallowed.
  • Car-surfing is not allowed.
  • All forms of cheats/modifications/hacks that directly affect gameplay are disallowed.
    • Any third party features that affect gameplay conditions to give an unfair advantage or otherwise must not be used. Visual modifications are allowed.
  • Script abuse in any form is against the rules.
    • Going around scripted limitations by meeting it's requirements with intention of bypassing said requirements is not allowed.
  • Death-evading in any form is disallowed.
    • Pausing in combat is not allowed.
  • Impostering Admins or other players is not allowed.
    • Attempting to breach other players accounts is forbidden.
    • Do not ruin roleplay situations or ongoing events.
    • Taking action against illegal events as a cop is allowed, however if you're unsure if a event is illegal or not contact server administration.
  • Cop hunting is disallowed.
    • Chasing or provoking police to become wanted is not allowed. Criminals may only receive a wanted status under roleplay grounds - for breaking a law (in-game) for instance.
    • Wanted players are not allowed to alt-tab, kill themselves or pause the game.
  • Players are not allowed to return to a roleplay situation after death.
    • The only exception to this is the police, who are allowed to re-join a situation. This exception does not extend to civilians who died in a roleplay scenario and changed to cop.
    • Returning after death to pick up the case in a scenario you died in previously is not allowed.
  • Criminals are to be given a chance to surrender before being engaged by police, unless another player's or the police's life is at immediate danger.
    • Even after using the /sur command, suspects must first be given the chance to surrender before police attack. Do not attack less than a second after typing the command.
  • Surrendered suspects (that have surrendered through the /sur command) cannot flee or be attacked by police unless under imminent threat.
    • Surrendered suspects cannot be rescued either, until jailed.
    • Suspects who have not used /sur are NOT considered as surrendered even if they say "I surrender!" or raise their hands up.
      • Suspects not officially surrendered, but in custody of the police can be rescued as long as the situation is roleplayed.
  • Police units may only use the Sea Sparrow under authorised conditions.
    • The Sea Sparrow, once authorised, is to be only used against criminals escaping in boats or other aircraft.
  • Those that wish to assist criminals may only do so under roleplay conditions.
  • Situations that involve roles such as hitmen or assassins must take into account certain roleplay parameters.
    • Players cannot simply attack or kill others in the defense that they were acting as an assassin, for example.
  • As Argonath is an international community the main language used is English, and therefore we ask all players to communicate in English whilst on public chats.
    • Foreign languages can be spoken in every other chat with exceptions of: Public chat, police radio, emergency radio and /me command.
  • Advertising websites or servers not linked to or supported by Argonath RPG is strictly forbidden.
    • General talking about other servers however is allowed, as long as you are not recruiting or advertising for that server. Flaming other servers/communities is also strictly forbidden.
  • Avoid usage of inappropriate language, and especially those that may be directed at other players or groups.
    • Do not flame or intentionally use unsuitable language in the public chat as it can cause offence. In roleplay situations, avoid excessively swearing or flaming other players.
  • Provoking arguments with the administration is not allowed. Questioning/challenging their administrative calls in public chats is considered provoking an argument.
    • If you feel abused by an admin, send a detailed report of the incident to [email protected] instead of sparking an argument ingame.
  • Flooding, as well as spam in the chat is strictly disallowed.
    • Overusing characters to fill up the chat, or generally disrupting the chat with irrelevant text is not allowed.
    • Overusing capital letters is also not allowed.
  • In scripted bank robbery situations, police cannot be outnumbered.
    • In order for a bank rob to be initiated, there should be a sufficient number of active/available cops to criminals.
  • Gangwars are not to take place without an admin present.
    • Gangwars have a cooldown of 2 hours which starts at the end of the scenario.
      • Said cooldown may only be bypassed if a new scripted event started AFTER the cooldown was already in place and both groups are involved with the new scripted event.
  • Player may create multiple accounts, but he may not try to bypass the restrictions set for one account by doing this.
    • This means that a player with multiple accounts can still own a maximum of: 1 Property, 1 Business, 4 vehicles of any sort. By trying to bypass these restrictions with multiple accounts you risk being banned and having all your accounts reset to zero.
  • Using colors in the chat is disallowed to keep the chat clean and readable.
  • "Training" (also called dueling to practise combat skills) is disallowed for civilians.
    • Cops are allowed to train only within Fort Baxter.