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Vice City's western island, also referred to as the "Vice City Mainland" on roadsigns, is depicted as a less glamorous area of the city, although the business district of Downtown is in fact located on the north end of the island. The western island houses much of the city's industrial population, as well as seaport and airport facilities at the south. Two sizable districts housing immigrant populations are located in the middle, with one of these districts depicted in a dilapidated state. The western island contains the wide four-lane Bayshore Avenue at its east side that stretches from the south end, at the seaports, to the north end, at the southern tip of Downtown.


Downtown skyline

Downtown is where the areas see the highest concentration of skyscrapers, both residential and commercial. Downtown is the more formal, financial district of Vice City, with a number of large office buildings, including the city's tallest building.

The area also boasts the Hyman Memorial Stadium west of Downtown, serving as a staging area for events such as rock concerts, stock car racing, demolition derbies and dirt bike stunt shows. The stadium is also home to the Vice City Mambas football team, which featured former tight-end turned car salesman BJ Smith. In addition, Downtown serves as the location for the local heavy metal radio station V-Rock and an enclosed recording studio, where lead singer for rock band Love Fist, Jezz Torrent, was seen recording a song. The area also has an easily stolen police helicopter.

Other places of interest include the Electronics District, the Vice City News (VCN) headquarters, the Greasy Chopper bikers' bar, and a venue for a Love Fist concert, just south of the V-Rock radio station. An unnamed beach is also located west of Downtown, but it receives no visitors or attention, a stark contrast to Washington Beach in the Ocean Beach area. A police station, hospital and the city's only fire station is situated in the district. One of the main roads Downtown (that leads past the Love Fist venue and the Downtown Pizza Stack) is called "Hoarmount Avenue".

Little Havana

Little Havana

Little Havana is a district in Vice City. It is on the western island, next to the districts of Vice Port, Escobar International Airport, Little Haiti and Starfish Island via a bridge. Little Havana consists of a predominantly Spanish-speaking Cuban population.

A police station is located at the southeastern tip of Little Havana, as well as a hospital at the east side of the district. The Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory is also located within the vicinity.

Little Haiti

Little Haiti

Little Haiti is predominantly inhabited by Haitians and is home to the Haitian gang. The gang's solvent factory is located at the west side of Little Haiti. Little Haiti is noted to be more run-down than Little Havana, with the presence of poorly maintained buildings, low wealth businesses and smaller homes.

A large printing press, which is a known money counterfeiting business, is located at the border between Little Haiti and Little Havana. Phil Cassidy's home and weapons armory is located on the northwest end of Little Haiti. Kaufman Cabs, a local taxi cab company, is also based in Little Haiti.

Airport, seaport, and military base

Escobar International.jpg Vice Port.jpg Fort Baxter.jpg

(left to right: Escobar International, Vice Port and Fort Baxter base)

Vice City's airport is known as the Escobar International Airport (EIA), or Escobar International in short. The EIA consists of two terminals, one at the north which is basically a standard blocky terminal with the addition of below ground entrances, while the other in the south is more distinctive, with its weaved roof and roof-high windows facing the airport's southern airside. Both structures are separated by lawns and a car park, and it is unknown if the terminals are connected in any other way aside roads. Further north in the airport peninsula is the Fort Baxter Air Base.

Southeast of the EIA compound is Vice Port (also referred to in road signs as "VicePort"), the city's seaport, located on the southern edge of the bay. However, Vice Port is located in the mainland, covering much of the southern entrance of Biscayne Bay. In addition, Vice Port does not cater for cruise ships, unlike Miami Port which has operated a cruise ship terminal since 1968, focusing instead on solely cargo shipping.

Fort Baxter Air Base is a national guard military base of Vice City, located just north of Escobar International Airport.

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