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All vehicle owners must possess:

It's only allowed to use one vehicle at time, owning a house or a garage is recommended before buying a vehicle
Vehicles will spawn where the owner left it, /savecar is only for color and tunes.

Buy a vehicle

  • Go to a vehicle dealership (in this example I'm at Willis Wash And Lube)
  • Enter a vehicle you like and type /purchaseinfo for details

(Click on the pictures to zoom in)
  • Then if you are still interested in buying this vehicle type /buyvehicle (please notice the difference in mileage)
  • Congratulations for buying your first vehicle

Buying a vehicle that isn't on the showroom

  • Tired of waiting for a dealership owner to show up?

  • Go to a vehicle dealership and stand near its yellow marker
  • Type /importvehicle to see what vehicles you can buy from there
4: (Benson, 85k) 5: (Biff, 92k) 8: (Boxville, 55k) 10: (Burrito, 36k)
The list continues

  • Type /importvehicle [model id]
    • For example /importvehicle 5, will import a Biff for 92k
    • The imported vehicle will be automatically added to your /invent

  • Notes:
    • Importing the vehicle yourself will probably be more expensive
    • You can only use this command if the vehicle you wanna buy isn't on showroom

Transfer a vehicle

You can transfer your vehicle using the /transfervehicle command.

Painting a vehicle

  • Go to a vehicle dealership
  • Use /carcolor [color id] (color ids can be found at the picture below)
  • Then don't forget to use /savecar, or the new color won't save

Fixing a vehicle

  • Go to a vehicle dealership
  • Use /fixvehicle and wait while the repairs are being made
    • You can check the repair price on /purchaseinfo
  • Go near a mechanic
  • Use /fixvehicle mechanic id and wait while the repairs are being made

Add or remove vehicle components

  • Go to a vehicle dealership
  • Use /tune [0 - 9] (I'm using /tune 0 on this example)

(After, added a rear air intake)
  • Then again, don't forget to use /savecar, or the vehicle components won't save

Vehicle livery

  • Go to a vehicle dealership
  • Use /livery [0 - 9] (I'm using /livery 1 on this example)

  • Then again, don't forget to use /savecar, or the vehicle livery won't save

Fill up a vehicle

  • Park near a fuel pump at a gas station (I'm at Cerveza Heights RON for this example)
  • Use /pricelist to look at the fuel prices
(Click on the picture to zoom in)
  • You can use /purchaseinfo to check what fuel type your vehicle uses
  • Type /fillup and the server will gradually increase your fuel level
    • The vehicle must not move during the process or it will stop
  • Go near a mechanic or call him in case your vehicle run out of fuel
    • Do /fillup [mechanic ID] .

"Towing" a crashed vehicle

  • Use /towvehicle [mechanic id]
    • If you are the vehicle owner it will be towed to the cars impound
    • Otherwise it will be towed back to the garage where /loadvehicle was used

This command costs 250$

Changes on /savecar

In the 2.0 version /savecar no longer saves the spawn position for your vehicle, that means your vehicle will spawn where YOU left it

  • What happens if someone stole my vehicle?
    • The spawn position is only saved when the owner exits the vehicle, therefore it will spawn where you left it

  • What if someone used /loadvehicle on my car?
    • The vehicle will be sent back to the garage 5 minutes after the person quits the game

Locking a vehicle

  • Enter the vehicle you loaded or a vehicle you own and type /carlock
    • The vehicle will remain locked until /carlock is used again or the vehicle is stored
  • Or type /carlock near the vehicle to remote lock it (only works on the vehicle you loaded)

  • If you own a CB channel you can also allow players to use your vehicle while its locked by typing /carlock [channel Number]
    • Anyone with a CB tuned in that channel will be able to drive your vehicle

Vehicles impound


Speedometer setting

Use /speedo [on / off] to toggle the speedometer

Vehicle Engine

Use /engine to turn the engine on and re-do the same to turn it off