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Requesting a house

  • Stand at the house entrance and type /requestproperty house
  • Then type /requestproperty save
    • Once saved, adding garage/enter is impossible
    • To change the house position before/after saving use the cancel feature and do it again.

Requesting an apartment

  • Stand at the building entrance and type /requestproperty house

  • Go to the apartment position and type /requestproperty enter
    • It can be used again to update the position

  • Then /requestproperty save
    • Once saved, adding garage/enter is impossible

Requesting a business

  • Stand where the business should be
  • Type /requestproperty business [business name]

Business names:

Eletronics store
Gas Station
Russian clothes store
Modo clothes
Perseus clothes
Perseus clothes
Food warehouse
Drinks warehouse
Eletronics factory
Oil refinery
Guns factory
  • Example:
    • /requestproperty business food warehouse

  • Then /requestproperty save
    • Once saved, adding garage/enter is impossible

Requesting a garage only

This step should be used for requesting a garage property or a garage for an existing property

  • Do the same as if requesting a house/apartment but use /requestproperty simple-garage

  • Enter a vehicle and park it exactly how it will spawn
    • Then use /requestproperty garage [slots requested]

  • Don't forget to save the request using /requestproperty save

Attaching a garage

This step will attach a garage to your property request.

  • Enter a vehicle and park it exactly how it will spawn once loaded
  • Then use /requestproperty garage [slots requested]
    • You may use this command again to update the position

  • Notes
    • To remove the garage from the request use /requestproperty garage cancel

Attaching /enter

This step will attach an /enter postion to your property request.

  • Use /requestproperty interior interiorName
    • Example: /requestproperty interior cluckinbell

Interior names:

johnnyk, alderney_Low, ransom, alderney_niko, apartment_1, apartment_2, louis_safe
playboy, algo_niko, room_1, bohan_niko, room_2, dimayev, house_jamaica, hovebeach_niko,
bohan_warehouse, irish_bar, dinner, hove_bar, perestroika, homebrew, cluckinbell,
superstar, rampage, bahama_mamas, hercules, maiosenet, apartment_3, majestic, modo
lawyers, aod, tlad and tiny_office
  • Notes
    • To remove the /enter from the request use /requestproperty enter cancel

Deleting a request

  • Type /requestproperty cancel
    • This command can be used at any moment

Checking the request status

  • Type /requestproperty status


Your request is still pending

(You request wasn't analyzed yet)

Property (House) evaluation: Price: 15000$, Garage slots: 2, Quality: High
  • Your request was accepted by the managment team
    • Use /requestproperty accept to agree with the terms or /requestproperty cancel to cancel your request